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I am currently reading three books which is way too much considering I should be studying for my linguistics exam. It started innocently enough with only one book:

A Gesture Life: A Novel

Chang-Rae Lee

We were originally supposed to read Lee´s A gesture Life for my Asian- American Fiction class but apparently we do not have enough time left. Since I bought the book some time ago I thought I´d just go ahead and read it now anyway.

However this still felt like uni- related reading so I finally started News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

News of a Kidnapping

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I only own German copy but I´m determined to start reading Spanish this year. Apart from that I really enjoy his work, it´s a fascinating story of the kidnapping of two women and the larger political picture their deduction fits into.

And then yesterday I was listening to some new music, looking at my shelves and saw that I have Nick Hornby´s 31 songs for awhile and now seemed like a good time to actually read his essays.

31 Songs

Nick Hornby

I love his writing, he is so funny. Hornby´s non- fiction writing always feels like he is actually sitting besides you, it is so vivid and alive.

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