One more week. . .

Karneval started yesterday and so I thought that I´d get a couple of days off since Düsseldorf is one of the most enthusiastic places but of course I have only monday off because that´s basically a must. My friends back home have no uni till wednesday 😦

Anyway next week is the last week of this semester! I´ve done all my BNs ( for every course we have to do sth like write minutes, give a presentation, do a test or short paper or we won´t get the credit points we need) except for morpho- syntax and literary theories for which I need to study over the weekend. Fun.

Of course I don´t really have vacation since I have two long papers to write during that time but I´ll do that from home.
My topics for the papers are Conversion in English literature for my word- formation class and for How to teach language and literature (that´s the best translation I can come up with) I have to do something more hands- on, like looking up what courses universities are offering for scientific writing, get interviews and test and materials and analyse which method is best and why etc.

I just finished cleaning up my place a bit and then I´m going home for the weekend.

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