Currently reading: The best of McSweeney´s Vol 2

This is my last week of uni for the winter semester! And because of karneval Monday was a holiday and I skipped my only class yesterday. So today I only had one class in which I had to do a test and then tomorrow an oral exam and two seminars. I actually have no more classes on Friday but I´ll use the day to start research on the two papersI have to write during vacation.

That´s mainly why I´m behind on my reading. I finished Marquez´ News of a kidnapping, but I´m still not done with A Gesture Life. But I thought I´d have more luck with short stories which is why I´m also reading

I loved volume 1 but the second compilation is even better. My favorite stories so far are Civilization by Ryan Boudinot and Notes from a Bunker Along Highway 8 by Gabe Hudson.

Boudinot´s book The Littlest Hitler has been on my tbr list for some time but after reading this story I think I´ll push it to the top of my list.

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