It´s Wednesday!

I love Wednesdays! It´s the one day I have only one class and have enough time to catch up with all the stuff I have to do for my busy Thursday (classes all day 9-6pm!). And it´s my library day. I have lots of books checked out:

On Chesil Beach

Ian Mcewan

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Trenton Lee Stewart

Angels on Toast

Dawn Powell

So I only got films for movie night /The Royal Tennenbaums and Trafic) and a small French dictionary for Monsieur Ibrahim in case I don´t understand the key word of a sentence.

The last two weeks were really busy, I had to do four presentations and an advanced translation test. But I did manage to finish The Plato Papers in time. It´s a book I had to read for my utopian novels class and it´s great, very funny while still thought- provoking. Also, it´s not a typical utopian/ dystopian novel but shows the orator Plato´s view on our time which was supposedly ages before his.

The Plato Papers

Peter Ackroyd

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