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It is July 7th already and I´m still on my first book this month. July basically consists of only exams for me so I doubt I´ll get to read much else this month.
Anyway, I finally got around to starting something by Evelyn Waugh. I know Labels isn´t the usual choice but it has spent enough time in the back of my shelves 🙂
Here´s the amazon description:

Evelyn Waugh chose the name "Labels" for his first travel book because,
he said, the places he visited were already "fully labelled" in
people's minds. Yet even the most seasoned traveller could not fail to
be inspired by his quintessentially English attitude and by his
eloquent and frequently outrageous wit. From Europe to the Middle East
and North Africa, from Egyptian porters and Italian priests to Maltese
sailors and Moroccan merchants – as he cruises around the Mediterranean
his pen cuts through the local colour to give an entertaining portrait
of the Englishman abroad.

I enjoy it so far, I love travel literature!
Has anyone read his other works? What did you like best?

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2 thoughts on “Currently reading

  1. This looks good – I'm going to add it to my TBR list. I love travel essays, literature, memoirs, etc. I read mostly about Italy, but I enjoy other parts of the world as well! I've never read any of his books though.

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