German lit

I love the English language and its literature but as a consequence I´ve neglected German literature. Somehow everything sounds much more beautiful in English and German literature is often very grave and super intellectual. But now I´ve promised myself to read more German literature and I´ve had to do some research to find books worthy of this goal 🙂

This month I´ve read Walter Moers´ City of dreaming books, which is of course a book for book lovers and those who like books about books. It´s also a fantasy book, sometimes bizarre but mostly funny and interesting and an adventure, as long as one gives it a chance.

City of Dreaming Books

Walter Moers

For next month I´ve decided on A Night train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier which has gotten quite the reviews and it sounds like an interesting read.

For October:

For November (hopefully a birthday gift 🙂 ):

Although the German edition is much prettier!

And last but not least:

Helden des Alltags.

Wladimir Kaminer

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4 thoughts on “German lit

  1. I'm glad you're going to start reading more German lit! As much as I hate the kind of American lit we were required to read in school, it's important to read books of our own country 🙂 And I understand what you mean by English sounding beautiful, at least compared to German. A lot of people here say German is such an ugly language because it's so different in the way it sounds. I don't think English is beautiful, but I think French & Italian sound beautiful 🙂 Although I can't speak them.
    Good luck with your goals!

  2. Thanks, I think it´s important, too. I actually don´t mind the sound that much but I think English has just enough melody to it, German has too little and French too much 🙂

  3. I´ll let you know next month 🙂 I´m reading Night train to lisbon right now and I love it, I´m not regretting my German lit goal yet. Maybe you can recommend some great Italian books to me!

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