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Yesterday I spent all day reading my mum´s crime novel The Killings at Badger´s Drift by Caroline Graham, which is the first Inspector Barnaby novel.

I think I spent most of my time until I was about 14 reading every Agatha Christie book there is so I always thought of myself as a crime novel kind of person, but ever since I have read about five others and that´s it because no one could lives up to the Queen of Crime. That´s what happens when you start with the best.

When I hang out with my family we like to watch a show called Midsomer Murders which is based on the books by Graham and that´s how I found myself reading one of her books. It was actually not that bad which is why I finished it, but still it´s not really great either, I like the show better. I wonder if I´ll ever really like a crime novel again??

And now for the book cover above: I finally started reading Bill Bryson´s work on Shakespeare. It was a birthday gift from my parents and has been lying on my shelf for nearly a YEAR! Really embarrassing, but I never wanted to carry it around with me because that would probably damage the cover. But now I´m stuck at home because of my papers and I´m not going anywhere so Shakespeare is my fun- reading- book for now.

I´m only at chapter two but as usual Bryson´s style makes it easy to read so for a non-fiction book the reading flows.And I´m an English major so this book is required reading, or it should be!

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3 thoughts on “Currently reading

  1. I´ve read another of Graham´s books, A Ghost in the Machine, and I like
    this one better. I guess I´m getting used her style of writing.
    Definitely works with tea on a rainy day 🙂

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