5 on my tbr list

The Almost Moon

Alice Sebold

Die Penderwicks

Jeanne Birdsall

The Wave

Todd Strasser

Oracle Night

Paul Auster

Those 5 are the ones I posted on the RBC boards threat "5 on your tbr pile". So it it´s official and I´m trying to stick with this list. I´m usually like a kid in a toy shop when it comes to choosing books to read, I´m all "Oh this one looks nice. . .wait the one on the other shelf is better. . .". Still, I have completed one end-of.term paper so I should have a bit more reading time this month and I´m spending it on these books. I hope.

So far I´m doing surprisingly well. I finished The Penderwicks and started The Almost Moon. And Night Train to Lisbon is my choice for this month German lit book. Then There´s The Wave, a book I´ve been wanting to read for ages (I guess my class was the only one not to read it in school) and Oracle Night, well, it´ll be my first Auster so I don´t know what to expect.

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