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The new term starts with long reading lists but the novels I´ve either read before and liked or are on my tbr list, so it´s all good so far. For next week I have to read:

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
The Mimic Men by V.S. Naipaul
The Importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
The Playboy of the Western World by J.M Synge

I´m determined to get some private reading done regardless. Definitely on my list is The Turning of the Screw, I´m halfway through, and my German lit book of the month, Measuring the world. Of course I couldn´t resist checking out the new library that just opened in my part of the city, I came out with two children´s books and A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers by Xiaolu Guo. The latter they actually had in English (yay!) and I´m nearly done with it already because it´s so amazing and wondeful. I´ve read another book of her as well, Village of Stone, which I also enjoyed very much.

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers was shortlisted for the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction last year and I think it would have deserved to win (that´s not to say that Adichie is not an amazing writer). Here´s a link if you are interested in Guo´s writing.

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2 thoughts on “Currently reading

  1. Last year I thought of buying "A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers" as a Christmas present for one of my closer friends, but I finally changed my mind because she always has to read a lot for university…I wasn't sure she'd have liked another book. Do you think it's an easy read?

  2. I´m really glad I picked it up, it´s great and a quick read. And I´d definitely recommend it as long as your okay with "bad" English (especially in the beginning but it´s still easy to read and understand) and not looking for an exciting plot. It´s more an atmosphere kinda book 😀

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