On my nightstand

Mere Anarchy

Woody Allen

Fun reading is getting more and more difficult to achieve with all that uni related reading but I´m trying. The books for uni were interesting enough, at least the novels, but they kept me from reading my German book this month and it´s checked out from the library now, till november 😦 So I guess I´ll just read two next month.

One way to read something fun everyday without feeling stressed is the newest addition to my nightstand, Woddy Allen´s Mere Anarchy. There are about 18 short stories in this collection and I´m reading one every night in bed and it´s easy to do because they are fun and quick reads and, well, short!

If you´re not familiar with Woddy Allen´s books, he writes much as he does with films, so if you enjoy his sense of humor, give his books a try.
Mere Anarchy is his first collection in about 25 years and contains the following stories:

– To err is human- to float, divine
– Tandoori ransom
– Sam, you made the pants too fragrant
– This nib for hire
– Calisthenics, poison ivy, final cut
– Nanny dearest
– How deadly your taste buds, my sweet
– Glory Hallelujah, sold!
– Caution, falling moguls
– The rejection
– Sing, your sacher tortes
– On a bad day you can see forever
– Attention geniueses; Cash only
– Strung out
– Above the law, below the box springs
– Thus ate Zarathustra
– Surprise rocks Disney trial
– Pinchuck´s law

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