Reading update

This month has been a great one for reading so far and I´ve still got a week left! For my birthday I got the second volume in Cornelia Funke´s Inkworld trilogy: Inkspell. Here´s the beautiful German cover:


Cornelia Funke

This book continues the tale of Meggie and her father Mo who have the ability to read characters out of and into books. In Inkspell old enemies and friends return and Meggie experiences the world of the novel Inkheart she is so fascinated by first hand. Of course the novel´s writer Fenoglio is currently residing in his created world and he cannot seem to stop writing in this world either and when Meggie´s parents are read into inkheart the tales intertwin.

Funke´s Inkworld books are wonderful tales of adventure which I think will be liked if not loved by every bookworm, they are books about books. The first one has been made into a movie starring Brendan Fraser and Helen Mirren and comes out in december (in Germany). I´m curious to see what they made of it.

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