Reading update

November was a great reading month for me, I read:

The best Christmas pageant ever (B. Robinson)
The best halloween ever (B. Robinson)
The best school year ever (B. Robinson)
The boy in the striped pyjamas (John Boyne)
The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster)
Minerva McFearless (Ahmet Zappa)
Mere Anarchy (Woody Allen)
Oracle Night (Paul Auster)

December however is passing by too quickly, I´ve got a couple of presentations and a paper to write so that I´ve spent hardly any time reading and when I did it was to finish two books I´ve been reading since last month:


Cornelia Funke

                                          And Inkspell has about 700 pages so that one took me awhile 🙂

Das Beste von Allen

Woody Allen

Now for the rest of the month my goal is to finish Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones and read a Graphic Novel that was highly recommended by a friend:

Exit Wounds

Rutu Modan

And for the wonderful lazy time between Christmas and New Year:

Der Meister und Margarita

Michail Bulgakow

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