Books in January

This month was full of studying for uni, but finals are this week and then I´ll indulge in some quality reading time. I still managed to read six books in January but I read the first during Christmas holidays and three of them were for uni.

Shirley Jackson´s classic was a quick and creepy read, I liked it a lot. And this edition looks great, mine´s not so pretty 😦

This one was for my 20th century plays class and surprisingly fun and interesting. His foreword is looong though!

Also for that class but not so fun. The play read like Eliot´s poetry but while I love The Waste Land etc the style is not great for the flow of the play.

Bad Monkeys

Matt Ruff

Yup, horrible cover but the story´s actually great. This one was for a class and a fun read, I was ready to go out and get all his other works but then I read the second half. It´s not bad but quite disappointing considering the amazing first part of the novel.

Finally a novel of my own choice. I love the mix of crime noir and dystopian lit, and also I´m taking a Yiddish culture class this semester and I know German so I actually understood the Yiddish terms Chabon threw in. This one might actually get me to give Chabon another chance because I really didn´t like The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

There cannot ever be too much of Stephanie Plum, even though or because the books are all more or less the same. Plum Lucky was just as nuts as the rest and made for a fun Sunday afternoon.

February should be more satisfying. I can´t wait to get home,recently there´s been a mass mortality among my light bulbs. Just now another one gave up and I´m all out of new bulbs. I think it´s the fourth this year, it´s weird and creepy!

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