Books read in February

February was a great reading month for me, thanks to the holidays.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Brian Selznick)
Air Mail (Charles Bukowski)
Der Vorleser (Bernhard Schlink)
Firmin (Sam Savage)
Slam (Nick Hornby)
The Man with a Load of Mischief (Martha Grimes)
South of the border, West of the Sun (Haruki Murakami)
Carry me down (M.J.Hyland)
Clementine (Sara Pennypacker)
Fool on the Hill (Matt Ruff)

My first Bukowski and Murakami. the Murakami hype scared me off and I had Banana Yoshimoto. Still, I liked his writing style and while I enjoyed South of the border, west of the sun I´m quite sure that he´s written even better books.
Also, I finally read Der Vorleser (the reader) and my German book for the month.The talk about the film and book as a Holocaust film/ book was really confusing and completely wrong. It´s foremost a story about love and guilt and the Holocaust is just an element. I also think that this is the reason the film got so many awards, without this element the great acting might not have been rewarded so readily.
The children´s books were great, I adore Clementine and I´m sure I´ll read the sequels.
Firmin was interesting but a bit slow and Slam was well-written but I couldn´t get over the fact that Sam and Alicia were too stupid to use a condom.
Fool on the Hill has got to be one of the weirdest books I´ve ever read but it was good though a bit too long with nearly 600 pages.
Carry me down was very creepy in tone but amazingly written, I can´t wait to finally read How the Light gets in.

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2 thoughts on “Books read in February

  1. I used to know Maria Hyland – around the same time as she was going on her high school exchange to the US which seems to have provided her with a lot of the material for How the Light Gets In (although she has since claimed in interviews that it is not autobiographical). I haven't read Carry Me Down though.
    I have never read any Murakami either but think I should.

  2. That´s so cool! 🙂 Carry me down is very much about Ireland so I´m curious about How the light gets in. Hope the library has it!I´d definitely recommend Carry me down, and Murakami´s novel has a great tone.

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