April in Books

April was a great reading month for me, the first and a half weeks were blessedly uni-free and then being an English major has the perks of having to read great books.

UFO in Her Eyes

Xiaolu Guo

Books read:

Rebel Angels (Libba Bray)

The Sweet Far Thing (Libba Bray)

The Carnivorous Carnival (Lemony Snicket)

The Slippery Slope (Lemony Snicket)

The Grim Grotto (Lemony Snicket)

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey (Trenton Lee Stewart)

UFO in her Eyes (Xiaolu Guo) 

Look Back in Anger (John Osborne)

Love (Toni Morisson)

So now I´ve actually read the whole Gemma- Doyle-Trilogy, I´m glad that I did because it was a nice easy read, but I rather thought that the first book was by far the best.
I´m also closing in on the final book of the A Series of Unfortunate Events series, I bought the last two books but I´m loathe to finish the series, it´s been in my book life for a couple of years and I don´t want to say goodbye.
UFO in her Eyes was another great book by Xiaolu Guo, one of my favorite authors. I´ve read all her works that have been translated from Chinese into English and/or German, and those that she´s originally written in English. Her works are wonderfully quirky and beautifully written.
Look Back in Anger and Love were both for uni, I´m actually writing my BA thesis on Morrison´s Love, but it´s also a great book to read just for fun.
A favorite in April was definitely the second Mysterious Benedict Society book, I forced myself to wait for the paperback to appear in bookstores here in Germany. It was definitely worth the wait though, I liked the European. Now it´s back to waiting for the third book!

Books bought:

Rebel Angels (Libba Bray)
The Sweet Far Thing (Libba Bray)
Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett)
A Concise Chinese- English Dictionary for Lovers (Xiaolu Guo)
UFO in Her Eyes (Xiaolu Guo)
Love (Toni Morrison)
The Vile Village (Lemony Snicket)
The Penultimate Peril (Lemony Snicket)
The End (Lemony Snicket)
Horseradish (Lemony Snicket)
I am the Messenger (Markus Zusak)
Pomegranate Soup (Marsha Mehran)
Seven Up (Janet Evanovich)
The Monsters of Templeton (Lauren Groff)

My excuse is that I was in London (all those lovely books in English, yay!) and then there was the yearly bookfestival in Maastricht!

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