Canadian Authors Challenge 2010

Go sign up everyone: Jennifer at Mrs.Q:Book Addict is hosting her first challenge, The Canadian Authors Challenge 2010. I thought I´d sign up for level 3 because I´m also doing a South Asian Challenge and have to leave room for spontaneous decisions. Now I´ve decided to go for 5 books, it´s still not actually a lot, but very possible to achieve and much better for my list:

Can there be a Canadian literature list without Margaret Atwood on it? She had me with the very first book I read by her, The Handmaid´s Tale, but I also loved the other one I read, The Blind Asssasin, so it had to be her writing style and not the fact that I adore dystopian literature. For this challenge I´ll read two more of her works, Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood.

The third novel on my list is Nancy Huston´s Fault Lines (Lignes de Faille), which I´ve wanted to read before to improve my practically non-existent French. This time I´ll just go ahead and read the English translation, it´s embarrassing but still better than not reading it at all.

Alan Bradley´s The Weed that Strings the Hangman´s Bag is the second Flavia DeLuce book and comes out in March. I highly recommend reading at least the first book, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (read my review here).

Last on my list is Alice Munroe´s new work Too Much Happiness, a short story collection. Somehow I have never read anything by her, not even for uni, and I´m curious whether she really is as great as everyone claims.

I think a lot of you are putting The Little Girl Who Was too Fond Matches on their list (at least I´m hoping you wil), I´m excited to discuss some aspects of this!

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3 thoughts on “Canadian Authors Challenge 2010

  1. Wonderful list! I read an Alice Munro short story sometime back (had forgotten that she was Canadian!) and liked it very much! All the best for your challenge!

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