South Asian Author Challenge

Christmas break! I´m allowed to read and blog as much as I want to 🙂

I´ve also signed up for S.Krishna´s South Asian Author Challenge and am trying to read 7 books for it. I love South Asian litarure, especially when it deals with clash of cultures. My favorite author in this genre is Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, highly recommend The Mistress of Spices.
I haven´t made a list for this challenge either but there will definitely be some of her books on it! Apart from that I´m thinking White Tiger, Unaccustomed Earth, some Rushdie.

Sign ups are open till the end of the month!

Link to all the challenges I´m participating in.

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7 thoughts on “South Asian Author Challenge

  1. Wonderful! Happy Reading for the challenge! Looking forward to reading your reviews of South Asian authors' books. Looking forward to reading your holiday season posts as well.

  2. Thanks, hope you enjoy you break, too! Probably starts next week, right?Yes, sign up. Then we can motivate each other and the books are on your list anyway 🙂

  3. Thanks, my Christmas break starts tomorrow! But I think I'll have to study beacause I have a uni exam few days after the end of the break :p

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