Christmas Reading

I´ve heard a lot of peole talking about their Christmas reading lists and thought about sharing mine. Then I realized I don´t actually have any Christmas related reading list, or books I reread every Christmas. I don´t even read Dickens´ A Christmas Carol (I think I´ve never actually read this). But then I remembered The Herdmans, that is The Worst.Best Christmas Pageant Ever. While it´s been one of my favorite books since I learned how to read, it´s also Christmas related!

For my previous post about this and a summary go here.

The Herdmans are the worst kids ever but what they add to the otherwise routine pageant is both hilarious and profound. I can´t recommend this enough! I´m going to reread this next week to get into the (admittedly unorthodox) Christmas mood.

Here´s the German cover to give an idea about the Herdman kids:

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