New blog home

Vox got on my nerves just one too many times. I like sidebars, Vox
doesn´t, especially not widgets. It´s not possible to export from Vox to wordpress (and I´m not in the mood to do this manually) so I´m basically starting new or just continuing on wordpress. My German blog is also on there and it´s much easier to have both blogs on wordpress.

A lot of you guys have already left vox and moved (all to wordpress I think) so I´m being a sheep and following you 🙂

I´ll try to link to new posts on Vox and hope you´ll continue to follow my book blog over here:

If You Can Read This

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6 thoughts on “New blog home

  1. Yay 🙂 Over time when you feel like it you can still do it manually bit by bit because WordPress allows you to change the date you publish posts on, so you can put your old entries up while keeping everything in order.

  2. That is sad – because Vox has lost one more wonderful book blogger. But welcome to WordPress 🙂 Hope you enjoy your new home. Will keep reading both your blogs 🙂

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