2009 in Books Pt.II

I was going to make excuses for writing two posts about what I read in 2009 but after taking a look at other book blogs, I don´t think I need to! 😀


My 15 favorite books ( in no order whatsoever, I just can´t decide):

A Prayer for the Dying (Stewart O´Nan)

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Alan Bradley)

We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Shirley Jackson)

20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth (Xiaolu Guo)

Revolutionary Road (Richard Yates)

I Capture the Castle (Dodie Smith)

Rape. A Love Story (Joyce Carol Oates)

Die Freibadclique (Oliver Storz)

The Gates (John Connolly)

The Woman in White (Wilkie Collins)

L´Ultima Lacrima (Stefano Benni)

The Behaviour of Moths (Poppy Adams)

The War Against Miss Winter (Kathryn Miller Haines)

A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess)

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (Roald Dahl)



Books read: 90

Books bought: 70


Gender of authors:

women: 46

men: 44


Recurring authors:

L.M. Montgomery: 6

Lemony Snicket: 4

Agatha Christie: 3

Libba Bray: 3

Dorothy L. Sayers: 2

Kathryn Miller Haines: 2

Matt Ruff: 2

P.G. Wodehouse: 2

Bernhard Schlink: 2

Sue Townsend: 2

Xiaolu Guo: 2

Sara Pennypacker: 2


World Literature (the nationality the author is attributed, not the language written/ read in & recurring authors included):

American: 45

English: 27

Canadian: 4

Australian: 1

German: 2

Chinese: 1

Columbian: 1

Russian: 1

Italian: 1

French: 2

Japanese: 2

Pakistan: 1

French: 2


As far as I can remember I didn´t make any specific reading resolutions for 2009, I´m horrible with them. I wanted to try to read more classics and German books but that didn´t really work out (surprise!). Oh well, I´m going to try again this year. For 2010 I have one definitive goal though: I want to complete the three reading challenges I signed up for.

link: 2008 in Books


4 thoughts on “2009 in Books Pt.II

  1. Interesting post and stats! I loved the picture collage on top 🙂 Nice to see ‘A Woman in White’ and Roald Dahl’s evergreen favourite in your top 15 list! I am still hoping that you will write a review of ‘Rape. A Love Story’ by Joyce Carol Oates sometime 🙂 It was nice to see that your ‘books bought’ is less that your ‘books read’. That is a real achievement! The diversity of the books that you read (in terms of the nationality of the authors) is quite impressive too!

    1. Thanks, my first collage, expertly made using Microsoft Paint ;D The post looked too bare without a picture though. I´ll definitely write a review of “Rape. A Love Story”, it´s that great. Might have to wait for the weekend though.

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