Review: So Many Books, So Little Time

So Many Books, So Little Time is my first read of 2010 and also the first book I have read for a challenge, namely The 2010 Bibliophilic Books Challenge.

I enjoyed Sarah Nelson´s reading memoir, but despite the many comments she made about reading habits and behaviour that I could completely relate to, I did not love this book. I really wanted to, it seemed like every bookworm´s bible.

Nelson is at her best when discussing reading habits such as tbr piles that are falling over, ignoring overhyped books until no one is reading them anymore, choosing books because they call to her, and anxiety over books recommended by good friends. She is no snob and never reverts to preaching and  she seems like a likeable person. But even though I could relate to her when it comes to reading behaviour and though she divulged all kinds of personal information, I did not feel close to her. Another problem for me are the books she read. Many of them I have never heard of before and don´t plan to read them anytime soon, which is kind of sad because I´m usually jumping at reading suggestions. That however is really not her fault, it just seemed to create a space between us.

There is one faux-pas I cannot forgive, especially since she is a fellow readaholic and should know better: Nelson gives away the ending of many books! I hate when people do that with classics,  and just assume everyone has read them all already. But The Crimson Petal and The White (which I actually want to read sometime)? It´s not that this makes me not read them but still, I want to find out myself.

It was interesting to get an insight into the publishing industry and what a difference it can make to have the chance to read a book without being influenced by the cover.

This is still a book I´d recommend to other bookworms and I know many people loved this book. Best ignore my nagging and give it a try!

6 thoughts on “Review: So Many Books, So Little Time

  1. I always feel this dilemma with classics about revealing the ending, because often I really want to share my critical analysis of the whole book, but then also not ruin it for anyone! I think she should have given some sort of spoiler warning though. Great review 🙂

    1. I know, it´s really difficult to discuss books without giving a lot of it away. And she doesn´t do it too often, just enough for me to notice and be annoyed 😉 It´s still a nice book, just not great.

  2. Great review! It was interesting to read your thoughts on the pros and cons of the book. It is sad that Sara Nelson gives away the endings of many books. Should have put them in the appendix and given a warning to the reader. I was thinking of adding this book to my TBR list, but the fact that she gives away the endings of books she has read, is making me hesitate 🙂

    1. Don´t want to scare you off, I probably should´ve written some intstead of many books! But she does reveal key events and some endings (e.g. The Crimson Petal & The White, Anna Karenina). I guess it is hard not to when writing such a book. However, there´s an appendix at the end of the book with the books she read. You might want to check it against your tbr list and then decide whether or not you want to read it.

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