Meme: Leaf Through Books

Leaf Through Books is a meme hosted by My Little Feats, for all those who cannot wait till Friday to post their finds. LTB runs from Saturday to Thursday and this is how it works:

All you have to do is find three (3) books or an author (and his series) that interests you, post the image(s) with a link to what’s it all about (for example, book reviews or links from an online bookstore like Barnes and Noble or Amazon).


I´ve loved Joey Goebel´s writing since I read The Anomalies.

Joey Goebel’s biggest and funniest novel yet, about red state politics, family traditions, and what happens when the common man fights back. Somewhere in the middle of America dwells Blue Gene Mapother, a trashy, mullet-headed Wal-Mart stockboy-turned-flea-marketer who staunchly supports any American war effort without question. Besides patriotism, little enlivens him except pro wrestling, cigarette breaks, and any instance in which he thinks his masculinity is at stake. Curiously, he is also a member of one of the wealthiest families in the country; brother to John Hurstbourne Mapother, an up-and-coming politician who decides that Blue Gene’s low-class style could be useful, not harmful to his Congressional campaign. Through dark humor and cinematic story-telling, this small-town epic winds through flea markets to mansions to abandoned Wal-Mart buildings, all the while dramatizing the deranged, absurd relationship between the high and low class of America. (The Book Depository)

Xiaolu Guo´s newest novel!

The lovers in the age of indifference are tough romantics from every corner of the planet: a marriage splinters during a game of mahjong; a depressed fiancee is lifted by a mid-air encounter with a Hollywood legend; and, a mountain keeper watches over a lonely temple but is perturbed when, finally, a visitor dares to arrive. In this engagingly maverick collection of stories, writer and filmmaker Guo zooms into tender and surreal moments in the lives of lost souls and lovers, adrift between West and East. Her personal, provocative and charming fables capture the sense of alienation thrown up by life in the modern world, and we join her characters in their search for human contact – and love – in rapidly-changing landscapes all around the globe. (Amazon)

Daisy Sister is a non-crime book by Henning Mankell. It´s a generation novel that tells the story of the Daisy sisters, Elna and Vivi, and Elna´s daughter Eivor, in the years of 1941 till 1981. As far as I know, this book hasn´t been translated into English yet, it only took 20 years to translate into German. Quite strange, as Mankell is a bestseller author.


6 thoughts on “Meme: Leaf Through Books

  1. Hello there! thanks for participating with the meme…I like the books especially the Lovers in the Age of Indifference, it reminds me of the Love in the time of Cholera (similar title, different themes), …it’s so good to find these books. I’m noting the books and the authors in my list of TBRs …thanks for participating!

  2. Your text made me really curious about “Daisy Sisters” by Henning Mankell. I am anyway a detective story reader, so that one should be fun.

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