Library Raid

Wednesday is my library day, and I can never resist checking out new books even though I haven´t read last week´s finds yet. These are all the books I have out at the moment:

Pop Co (Scarlett Thomas)

Strong Poison (Dorothy L. Sayers)

Carry On, Jeeves (P.G. Wodehouse)

The Vesuvius Club (Mark Gatiss)

And Now You Can Go (Vendela Vida)

Man Walks Into a Room (Nicole Krauss)

Olive Knitteridge (Elizabeth Strout)

What Was Lost (Catherine O´Flynn)

The Night Watch (Sarah Waters)

I doubt that I´ll be able to read them all within the next 3 weeks but they look really good on my nightstand 🙂 I´ve finished The Night Watch and am currently reading What Was Lost. Any suggestions what to choose next?

I´m also really happy about the tv show shelf in my library, especially when there are actually some DVDs left other than Lindenstraße.  I got too many DVDs as well but it´s a great way to try out  new (to me) tv shows. I´m really into British shows at the moment (in case you can´t tell 😉 ). I don´t get why there are so many great British and American shows, but there are at the most two German shows I can stomach (oh and they´ve been cancelled for a while now).

The Royle Family

The League of Gentlemen- season 2

The Office- season 3

Spooks- season 3

Has anyone seen the shows? I mean I know The Office (how many versions are there now?), but I´ve never heard of the others before.

And should I make this post part of the Library Loot meme?


5 thoughts on “Library Raid

  1. I believe “Spooks” is the alternate name for “MI-5,” yes? If so, I’ve seen Season 1 and half of Season 2 and I really like it. It can get really suspenseful. The final episode of Season 1 had me at the edge of my seat. I’ve seen a fair amount of British tv shows and miniseries, so I like seeing familiar faces among the cast and guest spots – Matthew MacFayden, Hugh Laurie, etc.

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