January in Books

January was a good reading month for me, three days of holidays helped. Despite reading seven books, I feel guilty for having checked out enormous amounts of books from the library that I didn´t read. Oh well, here´s the complete list, I had to return some books before snapping the picture (very inconvinient 😉 ):

1.) So Many Books, So Little Time (Sara Nelson)
2.) The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde)
3.) The Female of the Species (Joyce Carol Oates)
4.) China Men (Maxine Hong Kingston)
5.) Galatea 2.2 (Richard Powers)
6.) Aunts aren´t Gentlemen (P.G. Wodehouse)
7.) The Night Watch (Sarah Waters)

I think I´m pretty satisfied with the list. The books I´ve read this month were nicely diverse ( although I´m acutely aware of the lacking classics, it´s turning into a problem!). Number 1 and 2 I read for the 2010 Bibliophilic Books Challenge, number 3 shows my new obsession with Joyce Carol Oates, 4 and 5 were books for uni, I´m slowly going through the Jeeves and Wooster series (6), and (7) shows that sometimes 500 pages are quicker to read than 150. And I´ve reviewed 5 out of 7 books, which is a kind of resolution I´ve made this year.
How was your reading month? Success or let-down?

7 thoughts on “January in Books

    1. Yup, it´s high time! ;P I can´t believe it´s Feb already eithe. I want to be able to stop time like Sabrina the teenage witch, to catch up!

  1. Nice list! Looks like you have had a great reading month! Wish I could stop time (like Sabrina the teenage witch, as you have written :)), because I am still reading ‘War and Peace’ 😦

      1. Well, January was a bit busy with festivals and guests and so I couldn’t get a lot of reading done. Have finished one volume of ‘War and Peace’ and three volumes are still left. I am hoping that February will be a better reading month for me 🙂

  2. Great list! And great reading month!

    I also read 7 books in January. I’m pretty happy with that number, especially since the month turned out to be a bit busier than I thought. I’m going to try to post my recap today. 🙂

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