February in Books

Since I´m not going to finish another book today (I´m halfway through both Mankell´s Daisy Sisters and Krauss´ Man Walks Into A Room, but they´re both wonderful and I don´t want to rush), I´m going to post about my reading month now. I´m a bit surprised that I actually managed to read a solid four books in February. Uni is keeping me very busy with three end-of-term papers (which I somehow have to complete till March 20th), and after spending about ten hours a day on the computer or reading articles, my eyes won´t always cooperate with fun reading at the end of the day.

But, enough with the complaining. I still had a great reading month. I managed to post reviews for all four books:

What Was Lost (Catherine O´Flynn)

PopCo (Scarlett Thomas)

The Vesuvius Club (Mark Gatiss)

Mud, Muck and Dead Things (Ann Granger)

Three of them were by new-to-me-authors, and I enjoyed all of them. This month I also finally found a crime book by someone other than Agatha Christie that I liked and which is also the first one in a new series. My favorite this month is Catherine O´Flynn´s What Was Lost, a wonderful and sad story of being lost- in every sense of the word.

Of course I didn´t read any classics or German literature this month AGAIN, but this is a personal challenge  that I´m determined to finish this year.

What was your reading month like? Are you satisfied?

3 thoughts on “February in Books

  1. You seem to have had an interesting reading month! I enjoyed reading the reviews of all the four books that you had posted. Looking forward to continue reading interesting reviews in March 🙂

  2. Great reading month! I would have been happier with mine if I’d managed to finish The Portrait of a Lady, but I’m still only halfway through. I’m enjoying it but it’s a bit dense.

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