Additions to the tbr list

In case you´ve been wondering why it´s been quiet around here, uni is keeping me wonderfully busy with end-of-term papers. I haven´t finished any books (well any fun books) but I´m taking a break next week, off to my favorite city for a week of fun, and wanted to post something before then. So here are some books I really want to read:

  • The Vanishing of Katharina Linden (Helen Grant)
  • Major Pettigrew´s Last Stand (Helen Simonson)
  • The Manual of Detection (Jebediah Bery)
  • Das Labyrinth der Wörter/ La Tête en Friche (Marie-Sabine Roger)
  • Die Bibliothek der Schatten/ Libri di Luca/ The Library of Shadows (Mikkel Birkegaard)

Has anyone read one of those and can recommend a place to start? I skimmed the first two pages of The Vanishing of Katharina Linden on amazon and it sounds really great, but so do the others! 😀


19 thoughts on “Additions to the tbr list

  1. Good luck with your end of terms papers, uni is keeping me quite busy as well.

    I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned (yet). Die Bibliothek der Schatten (thanks for writing the italian title btw!!) is on my tbr list, it sounds good! My brother got it for Christmas last year (from my aunt and uncle who enjoy buying us books with a reason, in this case the reason was that my brother’s name is Luca 😀 ). Plus, the cover of the italian hardcover looks great!

    1. Thanks, hope your studying goes well, too!

      So you two are named Lucia and Luca? That´s so cute. And that´s a great reason to gift books! :)I love the concept of the people with different abilities.

      1. Thanks!

        Yep! 🙂 Our parents didn’t even plan to give us so similar names, they just wanted names which weren’t too common. We also have similar birth dates! We got used to it but it’s actually quite funny, when you think about it.

        You know, your post caused me to make some additions to my tbr list as well. 😀

  2. Aw good luck with your end of term papers…I really miss uni! I’m afraid I haven’t read any of these, the best I can do is I’ve heard of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand lol. What’s your favourite city?

    1. Thanks! Aw, hope having a job is also great 🙂 But I couldn´t tear myself away from uni after getting my bachelor´s degree and am now doing the master´s, so I know how you feel 🙂

      I´m usually the last to discover ‘new’ books so I thought most people had read them already 😀 Hope I get to read some of them soon, then I´ll post reviews.

      Haha, my favorite city is London! 🙂

      1. Unfortunately I graduated last summer, not exactly the economic climate for anyone trying to get a job let alone graduates. I have only just got a job, start Monday!

        I don’t think I’m much of a city girl like my space and greeness too much. I think London is great for a weekend of fun, I have family friends I can stay with in Osterley. However I couldn’t live there would stress me out haha.

        1. It´s great that you´ve found a job, best of luck on Monday! 🙂 I´m really terrified of job hunting, especially with only a literature degree. Oh well, I´ve still got a year of uni left.

          I´m a complete city addict, the country makes me restless. I like it for a weekend, like you like the city 😀

          1. Thank You!! Not to worry took me a while but I found a job and I have a Theatre degree. Anyway everything should be on the mend in a year.

            Haha oh well it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same would it?!

  3. “The Manual of detection” has a beautiful vintage cover, which usually means that the book is really good.

    1. Haha, interesting guess! 😀 But the story really sounds awesome:

      In an unnamed city always slick with rain, Charles Unwin toils as a clerk at a huge, imperious detective agency. All he knows about solving mysteries comes from the reports he’s filed for the illustrious detective, Travis T. Sivart. When Sivart goes missing, Unwin is suddenly promoted to detective, a rank for which he lacks both the skills and the stomach. His only guidance comes from his new assistant—who would be perfect if she didn’t have a sleeping disorder—and from the pithy yet profound Manual of Detection.

  4. ‘The Manual of Detection’ and ‘Die Bibliothek der Schatten’ (The Library of Shadows) look like really interesting titles! Looking forward to reading your reviews of them.

    Wish you all the best with your term papers! I have always found them tough – they keep one tied down for days and weeks – but when the last page is done and dusted, it really feels good 🙂 Also, sometimes, I was surprised and amazed at what I had written and at those times couldn’t resist patting myself on my back 🙂

      1. I don’t know. 🙂 I’ve had it for a while and haven’t read it yet.

        Oh, and let me know about The Vanishing Of Katharina Linden–I don’t even have that one yet. 😉

  5. I haven’t read any of them, but I hope you enjoy whichever one you decide to start with. And good luck with your end of the term papers!

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