Library Loot: May 12 to 18

This is the post of shame really, I thought I could do with only borrowing two books from my uni library this week, but no I had to return some books to the other library and couldn´t resist taking a peak at the fiction aisle.

I tried to make it quick but unfortunately they had some interesting books displayed and I only had to slow down and with me they went. I guess I´ll just have to give up on restraining myself. It´s not like I have to pay for them apart from the yearly fee. So be prepared for gloating LL post from now on 😀

Here are my quick finds:

Die Geschichte  von Herrn Sommer (Patrick Süskind)

I´ve read The Story of Mr. Sommer ages ago but I remember enjoying it a lot and I´m trying to read some German literature as well. If you ´re looking to read some German books, try this one. It´s more of a novella really and the story as well as the writing is beautiful. The illustration by Sempé adds to the charme.

Maisie Dobbs (Jaqueline Winspear)

I´m always on the look-out for another good mystery and I haven´t tried Masie Dobbs yet. This one takes place in London in 1929 so I´m hoping that  I´ll like either the mystery or the description of the 20s/30s, if not both.

The Arrival (Shaun Tan)

This one comes highly recommended by Vishy so I´m pretty sure I´ll like it. Why my library decided to acquire the English as well as the German edition of a picture book is beyond me.

Meeresrand (Véronique Olmi)

I read somewhere that Olmi´s works are fantastic and it was put on a front shelf cover up so I decided to give ot a try. I´m not sure about the English title, so here´s the original French one: Bord de mer.

Do you have any thoughts on these books or want to join in on my celebration of library loot decadence, drop me a line 🙂


12 thoughts on “Library Loot: May 12 to 18

  1. Nice library loot 🙂 I have to envy you 🙂 I have Patrick Süskind’s ‘Perfume’ on my ‘TBR’ list after you recommended it. I will add ‘The Story of Mr.Sommer’ also to my ‘TBR’ list now.

    Hope you enjoy reading ‘The Arrival’. I loved your comment about your library stocking both the English and German versions of the book 🙂

    1. I really hope you´ll enjoy Süskind´s writing! And I even like Mr. Sommer a bit more. The former is very intense and the latter something quietely beautiful, so something for every mood you´re in 😉

  2. I have Patrick Suskind’s Perfume in french. It’s a book that I’ve read and will put on Aisle B for review in the future. Love the french cover.

  3. hmmm… Shame on you….that you didn’t borrow MORE books from the library!!! What? you pay yearly fee to use the library? Just go back there and grab a lot more books than you can read!

    LOL, I was just kidding of course. You sounded like me. I had to return a few which I just couldn’t finish. I have now got 18 books on my pile and I’m thinking no wonder Gluttony is one of the seven sins. 🙂

    1. I know, I´m going to shamelessly indulge from now on 😉 Don´t you have a yearly fee at your library?

      I think it´s the good kind of gluttony, it´s educational, doesn´t give you stomach ache, and doesn´t cost much 😀

      1. Oh in England we don’t! Everyone join the library for FREEEeeeeee!!! I never pay anything, except late charges, even in Manchester, West Sussex, Wimbledon or in Reading!

        My library even issue me a library card call “Reading Passport” (Reading for the name of the city, not reading as in reading a book!) which allows you to get discounts on restaurants, theatres and products, isn’t that cool?!

        1. I should move to England 🙂 A library card cost money here. Not all are the same though. Some just ask for 50 cents or something every time you check something out, others (like mine now) have a yearly fee (between 5-15 euros) and you can check out till 50 books max, and 6 DVDs and 6 CDs at a time.

          We have these city passes as well, but they are usually for touristy attractions and stuff and you also have to pay for them. A Reading passport sounds fun 🙂

    1. Haha, yup, lowered myself to German literature 😉 The Arrival is very beautifully drawn and done in a sepia-like tone. I´m sure the story about being a stranger and an outsider in a new country will be be fascinating.

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