June in Books

June was another great reading month for me, I even managed to read 13 books. I have no idea how this happened, I never read that many books in one month, unlike so many of you who seem to be amazingly fast readers. Here´s the complete list:

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner´s Dilemma (Trenton Lee Stewart)
Cold Comfort Farm (Stella Gibbons)
Nightwood (Djuna Barnes)
Maisie Dobbs (Jaqueline Winspear)
Talking about Detective Fiction (P.D. James)
The Making of a Marchioness (Frances Hodgson Burnett)
A Single Man (Christopher Isherwood)
Bozo David Hurensohn/ The Man Who Came In From The Back of Beyond (Biyi Bandele-Thomas)
Bonjour Tristesse (Francoise Sagan)
Meeresrand/ Bord de Mer/ Beside the Sea (Véronique Olmi)
Das Labyrinth der Wörter/ La Tête en Friche (Marie-Sabine Roger)
The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie (Charles Osborne)
Excellent Women (Barbara Pym)

I did spend less time at the computer this month though, and barely posted any reviews at all of my June books. So for July I´m planning to catch up on my reviews! Other than that the only resolution I´m making for the new month is to get through my library loot.

Most of the books I read in June were quite amazing, I really can´t say which one is my absolute favorite. I liked the third Mysterious Benedict Society book, it was lots of fun and reading children´s literature always takes me back to those days when I was devouring Enid Blyton and Astrid Lindgren.

I also loved Cold Comfort Farm, and the way Flora tidies up the farm and her relatives´ lives. I read Nightwood for my Queer Lit class and enjoyed this introduction to Djuna Barnes. This book is very modernist, but beautifully written, I have seldom come across writing that is this exceptional.

Maisie Dobbs was alright, but I have to agree with Ana, that the way Maisie could tell what people were feeling and thinking from copying their body posture was more than a little weird. But I´ll write more about that in my review.

I also read two non-fiction works this month, both about crime writing of course 🙂 I wrote about Talking about Detective Fiction here. Osborne´s work about Agatha Christie´s mysteries was very interesting, although I suppose it´s only for fans of Dame A. But The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie is a great way to find out some background information about each of her mysteries as well as her other works.

A Single Man is another book I read for my class, and one that I can highly recommend. The story is very moving and the writing amazing. I can´t wait to read more by Isherwood. Any thoughts on which one I should start with?

I also read my first book by a Nigerian author,  The Man Who Came In From The Back of Beyond by Biyi Bandele-Thomas, thanks to Amy´s mini-challenge. Go visit her blog for more recommendations of Nigerian literature!

Somehow June was filled with French literature for me, I only wish I knew enough to read it in the original, but I´m taking French classes again this year so hopefully that´ll change soon. I read Olmi´s Bord de Mer (Beside the Sea), and I have to say that I can only agree with everyone who raved about it, it´s fantastic! The I finally read Bonjour Tristesse, and again, I have to agree with the hype. Can´t wait to see the film now. And then I read La Tête en Friche, which hasn´t been translated into English yet (at least I couldn´t find anything). But there´s a new film adaptation, so hopefully that´ll change soon. The story is about Germain, who is a bit slow, who meets an old woman named Marguerite in the park. It is through her reading to him that he starts thinking about and changing his life. I think charming is the word that applies best to this book.

The I read The Making of a Marchioness, my first Persephone, without really knowing a lot about it. I was so surprised about the turn the second part of the story took, but I have to say that I enjoyed it very much. And finally, I read my first Barbara Pym book, Excellent Women, which was excellent! 😉

What was your reading month like? And what are your plans for July?


18 thoughts on “June in Books

  1. Looking forward to hearing what you think about Making of a Marchioness. After reading The Shuttle, it’s been on my radar!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful reading month in June! Congratulations! I can’t wait to start reading ‘A Single Man’ and ‘Talking about Detective Fiction’! ‘La Tête en Friche’ seems to be a wonderful book going by your description of it. Hope it gets translated into English.

    1. It´s too bad so many books aren´t translated into English quickly or at all. I´m happy that I know German because we have a huge amount of translated lit. I suppose we need to learn lots of languages to be able to read all boks 🙂

      But I hope that at least the film will be dubbed or subtitled.

  3. Wowsa 13 books you put my 4 to shame *hangs head in shame*

    While as my reading month was not so productive it was very enjoyable so thats all that matters. This month I am also going to be working through my library loot, there are plenty of shorter novels in there too so hopefully a lot more reviews will be on their way and just may be I can reach an impressive read this month number haha.

    1. Hehe, I´m procrastinating, but I´m also bot reading chunksters or difficult books so that might explain the number. I usually read around 4 books, too. And I don´t think the number is that important 🙂

      Here´s to actually getting through the library loot pile! 😀

  4. Wow 13 books! Great reading month! I’d quite like to read A Single Man, but will have to wait until I’m in the right mood as I know it will be depressing.

    1. It is a bit depressing, but somehow it´s alright because the story moves slowly and it´s very atmospheric. But I know what you mean with right mood, and that´ll make you enjoy it more 🙂

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