Library Loot: June 30 to July 6

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Eva and Marg that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

Mabe you noticed that I didn´t loot anything from the library last week. I felt quite proud because of that and then this week I had to celebrate by going to the library! I decided to try to get some oldies but goodies that so many of you seemed to like, and it´s so fun that the editions my uni library had even look old and respectable 😉 It´s even better when there´s no title on the book and people on the train are craning their necks to find out what I´m reading!

Here´s what I got:

Stich ins Wespennest/ Miss Buncle´s Book (D.E. Stevenson)

Could only find the German version but I´m hoping that it won´t matter too much. Or is the writing style the best thing about it?

A Very Great Profession. The Woman´s Novel 1914-39 (Nicola Beauman)

Reading about literature, can it get any better? I took one look at the table of contents and decided to save it for a lazy weekend.

Mrs Harris Goes to New York (Paul Gallico)

I´m so jealous of everyone who´s already enjoyed the Bloomsbury Group books, they look and sound fantastic.

Young Anne (Dorothy Whipple)

Is there anyone who´s read Dorothy Whipple and not gushed about her? My library had this one, apparently her first or any early work, and I´m excited to see what the fuss is about.

Excellent Women (Barbara Pym)

Read this one today, I just wanted to read a few lines to get an impression of the story, but somehow I had suddenly arrived at the last page!

Death of a Gentle Lady (M.C. Beaton)

Kind of a detour from the other books, but since I enjoyed Beaton´s Agatha Raisin series I thought I should try the hamish macbeth series as well (since the main character has such a great name).

Have you read any of these books, what did you think? And what did you loot from the library this week?


16 thoughts on “Library Loot: June 30 to July 6

  1. Interesting Library Loot! I loved the fact that the books are all hardbacks and look really old and distinguished – do they make books like this these days?

    ‘A Very Great Profession’ sounds like a great book! Looking forward to reading your review of it. I couldn’t stop smiling when I read your comment on ‘Excellent Women’ – it is surprising how some books pull us into them without us realizing it 🙂 Hamish Macbeth is such an interesting name!

    Hope you enjoy reading your ‘Library Loot’ 🙂

    1. They do look rather distinguished! 🙂 Hmmh, I think you have to look out for special editions for that. Or cough your way through the library´s oldest shelves 😉

      I´m looking forward to Beauman´s book as well. And I loved Excellent Women, especially for pulling me in so quickly.

      Hamish Macbeth is a fun character, too. He´s a Scottish police officer, and beaton´s books are comfy escapist reading, it tkes max 1 hour to read one of her books 🙂

        1. So sorry, I only remembered now that I hadn´t replie to your comment! I should organize my loose post-its!

          I haven´t read anything by Gallico except now Mrs Harris Goes to New York. But I loved that one 🙂 I´ll need to look out for Thomasina 🙂

    1. Hehe, most suggestions were from your blog and the 1930s challenge 🙂 I loved Excellent Women, I´d love to hear your thoughts on it when you get around to reading it.

  2. I have a tattered and worn paperback copy of Excellent Women which I bought at a used book fair last year. I haven’t read it thought, so we’ll havea to talk when we get those done. It looks like a good haul for you!

  3. Will have to look into Excellent Women seeing as your innocent intentions to read a few lines came to “hey I finished it already!”

    Now that says something about how good it must have been.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I know, it happened so quickly. I really recommend reading this book, or probably Pym´s other ones as well!
      Thank you! Hope you have a great and sunny weekend as well! 🙂

    1. Mrs Harris Goes to New York is really cute, I enjoyed it a lot! I wish these books would find their way to our stores 🙂

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