September in Books

September was a good reading month for me. Since I had so much time to read, I expected to read a lot, that didn’t really happen. I started a lot of books but had to return many to the library before I could finish them but I noted down where I had to stop so hopefully I’ll find these books in my library when I get back to my place next week. The small library here doesn’t allow you to have the books for more than 2-3 weeks at a time and renewing them costs 1-2 euros and can’t be done online, so not ideal for looting lots of books but reading some chapters from them without finishing them quickly. But seven books is still a good number for me and I’m not going to stress over that. Here’s the September list then:

Little Face (Sophie Hannah)

Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet (M.C. Beaton)

The Easter Parade (Richard Yates)

The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox (Maggie O’Farrell)

The Lifted Veil (George Eliot)

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (Helen Simonson)

Mein Freund Maigret/ Mon ami Maigret (Georges Simenon)

I only reviewed three of these but I’m working on my backlog and will hopefully manage to write something about them before I forget what they were about. I was planning on writing about Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand next but have yet to type a single word for the review so I thought I’d ask if there are any requests on what I should review next (take a look at my books read page, there are quite a few unreviewed books listed).

My favorite read in September was probably The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, in fact I can’t wait to try one of O’Farrell’s other works. Any recommendations on which to turn to next?  I also really loved The Easter Parade and plan on reading Yates’ Disturbing the Peace soon. Hope that’s a good one though I really doubt that Yates is capable of disappointing! The I also managed to get my hands on a copy of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand which was a nice cosy if not perfect read. I read my first ever Eliot this month and hope everyone will try The Lifted Veil at some point, it’s a really short novella in the gothic tradition and a perfect fall/winter read. But I’m working on a reading list for the season, so more on that soon. And of course I read some crime fiction, don’t think I know how to survive without my go-to genre. Agatha Raisin was fun as ever and I’m looking forward to reading the first one in the series soon, I like to read them in order but what can you do when you don’t own the set. Little Face was a good literary thriller though I preferred Hannah’s The Other Half Lives and she seems to have a formula so the twist wasn’t very surprising this time around. Finally I grabbed one of my mom’s Maigret books. She made me try them a couple of years ago but I didn’t really enjoy them that much, this time around though I loved it and think there’s another series that I can enjoy curled up with a pot of tea. Funny how reading tastes change over time!

I don’t think I have specific plans for October, except for doing the required uni reading. So expect to see a lot of novels about 9/11 on here, and probably the usual mysteries as counterweight.

What was your reading month like, and what are your plans for October?

17 thoughts on “September in Books

  1. Die Collage sieht doch gar nicht so schlecht aus!

    Die Bücher klingen total gut. Ich vermisse mein Bücherregal von zu HAuse. Ich habe einfach zu wenig Bücher mitgebracht und konnte noch keine Englischen Bücher hier finden…
    Im Moment lese ich noch life of Pi. Gefällt mir bisher echt gut 🙂

    1. Nja, aber mit paint kann man auch gar nicht so dolle Sachen fabrizieren 🙂

      Hoffentlich findest du morgen bei dem Laden was, geht ja so nicht, sonst musst du noch ebooks lesen! 😉 Life of Pi is super, viel Spaß!

  2. Oh, du bekommst auch deutsche Kommentare – das ist aber nett!

    Well, I am going to congratulate you in English anyway. You really seemed to have a great reading month. I can’t believe it’s already October. I didn’t read much in September, except for The Remains of the Day and several short stories by Kate Chopin. Thank you, term papers!

    1. Haha, ja das kommt davon wenn man Freunde mit collagen freak-outs nervt, dann fühlen die sich schuldig dass sie nie kommentieren 😉

      And everyone else who is German comments in English of course 😀 I know right, where did September go!? But you read some great books! Term papers really ruin your reading, you should simply count your research reading as well 🙂

  3. You seem to have had a wonderful reading month in September, Bina! Congratulations!

    Glad to know that you tried a Maigret book and liked it! Your mom seems to be a cosy mystery connoisseur – I remember you saying that she introduced you to Agatha Christie too.

    On Maggie O’Farrell – I think all her books are good 🙂 If you get a chance, do try ‘After you’d gone’. I liked it very much.

    1. Haha, she really only reads cosy stuff, e.g. crime 🙂 Have you read a lot of Maigret? I’m thinking of reading some this winter.

      Will definitely look for After you’d gone, thanks for recommending it 🙂

  4. I think you got quite a bit read! And that is really unfortunately about the library, I can’t imagine having to pay to renew… I think I want to hear about Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand next!

    1. The library here is weird and so small, I’ll be happy when I get to visit mine again. I think I’ll post mini-reviews since everyone voted for another book 😉

  5. You read faster than you could review! It happens to me, but I always force myself to sit down and draft a review, these days perhaps a shorter one.

    I really like to read Sophie Hannah’s books soon. Inspired by you I wanted to read The Other half lives. I can’t imagine you have to pay for renewal and you can’t do it online!! When are you coming over to live around my neck of wood? 🙂 It will make Bina a very happy girl!

    As for my October plan, here it is:

    1. Haha, somehow I alsways think I should write long reviews like others, but that’s really not my style. Will try writing mini-reviews next 🙂

      Living in your neck of the woods would make me very happy indeed-England! 😉 My library near uni is much better though.

      Oh I hope you’ll enjoy Hannah’s thrillers. I loved The Other Half, Little Face not quite as much.But maybe you would prefer to read them in order?

  6. You read a lot of interesting books this month! I have a huge backlog and I am afraid that I forgot most of what I wanted to say for a few of the books. As for your next review, I’d like to hear about “In a German Pension” by Mansfield.

  7. September wasn’t a great month for me, I read only three books and they were even pretty short. At least I enjoyed them! 🙂
    I don’t have any reading plans for October. Since I’d like a good Fall read, I think I’ll start The Lifted Veil soon.

  8. Overall it was still a great month for you. As for Oct… thinking on the lines of Halloween… and everything spooky in the house… Boo!
    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in Oct 🙂

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