Sorry, I didn’t mean to completely disappear for so long! I’m a bit stressed with uni, as usual, and somehow freeze up everytime I try to write about books for fun. So this will be a very short post with more images than text, just to let you know I’m still around (and will hopefully manage to comment on your posts soon, I’m still lurking though 😉 ):

I just finished reading:

Isn’t the cover simply gorgeous? Held it just so that everyone could take a look at it while I was reading on my commute 🙂 This was my third Duncker read and had that wonderful creepy and unsettling atmosphere I’ve come to expect from her. Also features the usual emphasis on France and high culture. This time around Duncker writes about a (suicide) sect, a judge who has made it her calling to save people from their influence, and a composer who may or may not be seduce the judge to join the darker side.

I am currently reading:

This is O’Flynn’s second novel and as I absolutely adored What Was Lost, I had to give this one a try. There is nothing I don’t like about it so far, it’s just not as fantastic as the first book (which honestly is more or less impossible to beat). Still, O’Flynn’s look at English society is compelling. This one is about local news presenter Frank, bad jokes and Birmingham’s attitude towards architecture. I have to say O’Flynn is brilliant about creating characters, even the minor ones come completely to life.

In my mailbox:

I love representatons of cities in literature and when Ana sang the praises for Kraken I decided I had to give Miéville a try. Typically the bookshop had never heard of him nor anything by him (which is what usually happens when I decide to support the local stores) but every copy in the library was checked out. Thankfully there are lots of great people who sell cheap secondhand copies to Germany. I have already decided to lock myself in this weekend and spend some quality time with this book 🙂

Crime fiction of course, but for once not a British cosy! I loved every adjective in the raving reviews and admittedly, the title. Sarcasm, great characterization and social commentary, here I come. Plus, Eva recommended it!

Hope you’re all doing well! What’s everyone reading?


12 thoughts on “Update

  1. Ooohhh I’ve heard great things about Dreadful Water Shows Up – from Eva of course 🙂 I hope that the stress levels go down and everything goes well!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I’m trying to blog more regularly from now on, even if the posts will be short. Finished DreadfulWater yesterday and would absolutely recommend it 🙂

  2. Welcome back, Bina 🙂 Nice to see the much-awaited post in ‘If You Can Read This’ 🙂

    All the books on your list look wonderful! Patricia Duncker’s book has a beautiful cover! On China Miéville, I thought his second name was ‘Melville’ 🙂 I also thought that the author was a lady, because of the first name ‘China’ 🙂 It made me realize that I shouldn’t believe any of these stereotypical inferences that my mind makes up! ‘Dreadful Water Shows Up’ is a wonderful title! Can’t wait to read your review of it!

    Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks, Vishy! 🙂

      Haha, Melville would be easier to pronounce I think. I had to type in Miéville into the bookshop pc myself because the assisstant didn’t understand it. Heh, I thought from the subject matter that the author is male (was proved right, sometimes stereotypes do apply), but then from the last name thought the author was south american or Spanish etc 😀

      DreadfulWater is huge fun and very engaging, definitely give it a try.

  3. Glad to hear your still around and still reading. I can totally understand what your going through, honestly work has been so busy for me that I haven’t been blogging that much either!

    The cover for The Strange Case of the Composer and his Judge is soooo pretty….I am a sucker for that….really tempted to find a copy of this 🙂

    1. Thanks for understanding, and I hope work will allow you more rading and blogging time soon 🙂

      You have to like that sort of book, but I find that if you’re not out to completely destroy The Strange Case, you’ll have a great time with it .)

  4. Hope uni is going well for you and you’re fitting in some non-uni related reading. I have the Catherine O’Flynn book on my wishlist, I didn’t know she’d written another book, so perhaps I should read that instead…
    Take care and enjoy the China Mieville!

    1. Thanks, I’m trying to squeeze in some fun reading. I do find a few minutes for that but I have to battle my guilty conscience 😉

      Both O’Flynn books are great, but What Was Lost is absolutely fantastic and heart-wrenching, do let me know what you think of it!

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