Halloween Reading

Happy Halloween everyone!

I celebrated yesterday with a friend by watching funny/creepy movies and stuffing ourselves with cupcakes. Got a class first thing tomorrow so tonight I’ll just devote the rest of the evening to appropriate reading: a short story from A. M. Harte’s Hungry For You, which she was kind enough to provide me with and which comes highly recommended by Jessica of The Bookworm Chronicles, who can get me to read both creepies and cozies anytime! 🙂

What’s everyone reading/ been reading for Halloween?


12 thoughts on “Halloween Reading

  1. Hope you enjoyed Halloween, Bina! I had made major plans – to read part of a book of horror / ghost stories and then watch a few horror movies, but I got held up and the day melted away. I should plan better next time.

  2. Wow, I would have loved to spend Halloween with you and your friend, nothing is better than watching good movies and eating at the same time.:-)
    The book cover looks lovely, I should get that book for next year´s Halloween.

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