Yeah sorry, this post won’t be about books for a change (though rest assured my floor and desk look like a small library at the moment). Instead I thought I’d post about my current tv show obsession, Psych:

I usually watch an episode when I eat dinner and I wanted to watch a show that wasn’t too high-maintenance like Lost etc. Just something fun and not too-addicting. I’ve seen bits of it on tv but usually missed it when it was on but I knew that it could be fun. Of course it’s kind of a crime show (maybe I should just rename my blog, seems like I never blog about anything else 😉 ), but I also love the Holmesian deduction, the tributes to other great shows and movies like Twin Peaks or Police Academy and most of all that the show doesn’t seem to take itself so seriously! (which is something that is wrong with so many people, shows and even books)

Guess it doesn’t sound very much like high praise but to me Psych is like comfort food or, perhaps better, like the wonderful coziness of a Christie mystery. It works perfectly as stress-relief from thesis-writing.

What are you comfort shows?


18 thoughts on “Psych

  1. I’ve watched a few episodes of this here and there and I agree that it is great fun. I love the bromance between the two main characters and the sense of humor the show has… but I admit that I haven’t really found myself so swept up in this show that I watch it in a regular fashion. I often put other shows ahead of it simply because I tend to get wrapped up in shows that have more overarching storylines, but one day I’m sure I’ll catch up on this one.

    1. The bromance theme is going really strong, I find it interesting that the cool black friend trope is reversed in Psych, at first I thought it’d be exactly like Scrubs.
      I tend to watch shows obsessively but drop a lot of them just as quickly, so at the moment it’s Psych which is better for my thesis writing than shows overarching storylines 😀 But I love those, too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Julie 🙂 I prefer comedies, too, or at least comedy/drama shows. Good to hear that you love all the seasons, I’ve only gotten till end of season 3 so far.

  2. I should probably take a leaf out your book and stop watching so much high-demand TV! My Sky planner is chock a block with shows to watch. I suppose my comfort watches are things like Merlin and Doctor Who which are a bit of fun, don’t take themselves too seriously, and don’t involve too much brain power to watch them 🙂

    1. Haha, adore the doctor! Have nearly recovered from the tenth’ doctor’s death, so might get started on the new series after uni 🙂

  3. I must be living in a different era, I don’t even know where this TV show comes from… my comfort TV is BBC documentaries or even watching Idiot Abroad. 🙂

  4. I haven’t heard of this series, Bina. It looks interesting from your description. Will look for the DVD version. I love the word ‘bromance’ 🙂 I loved this observation of yours – “my floor and desk look like a small library at the moment” 🙂 I would love to see a picture of your ‘small library’ 🙂

    1. It’s such a fun show and even more engaging than I first anticipated. For instance, they constantly reference other shows and movies and do spins on these (e.g. Police Academy, vampires, Twin Peaks). You’re sure to get hooked.
      Haha, it’s a mess and I’m doing unspeakable things do these books (like leave them lying around face down, and we know not to ever do that to a book 😉 ). Imagine a library after an earthquake and that’s pretty much my desk and the floor.

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