Holiday reads

I’m back from my holiday and itching to start my internship because two weeks is apparently as much relaxation as I can take. We spent 6 days in London (and I’m still not tired of it, and thus not tired of life!) and then a couple of days in Glasgow and Edinburgh each. Both cities were interesting in their own way, although the latter is of course absolutely beautiful, it seemed unreal at times.

Apart from relieving the charity shops of their books (I might have bought about 20 books, but that’s for another post), I also got a bit of reading done:

Cody’s crime novel about Eva Wylie, wrestler and junkyard security guard, was pretty great and I finished it too quickly. Luckily I found another Cody book in a secondhand shop.

Dupe is the first Anna Lee mystery, and in it Anna tries to solve a car accident which may or may not have been murder. As part of PI firm in the 80s, she also has to struggle to be allowed to do more than pour the tea or type. This one is also set in London and it was fantastic being there while reading about it.

I really enjoyed the first couple of daisy mysteries, but this one wasn’t too great. Somewhere in the series, she has lost her independence and gained a police fiancé who does not like her getting mixed-up with murders and ‘interfering’ (for her own good apparently, but I can’t for the life of me find that attitude romantic). Too bad, because I love dinosaurs and a mystery in the Natural History Museum could have been amazing.

I’m halfway through The Windup Girl, which really is as amazing as the blurbs say, I hope the second half will be just as good. Can’t believe I got this almost for nothing!

So, just wanted to post something along the lines of “still alive and reading” in case you were wondering. Will post about my holiday loot and hopefully some reviews sometime this week.

How is everyone and what are you reading?


12 thoughts on “Holiday reads

  1. My reading has died a bit recently, with one thing after another but funny you should mention you just got from holiday (very jealous would love to go to Edinburgh) I am off on holiday this Friday. To Tenerife! I am planning to lie out in the sun by the pool and read, read, and read a bit more hopefully 😀

    Really look forward to reading some of your reviews when I get back.

  2. Can’t wait to see your holiday haul – holidays bring some great book finds!
    Me, I’ve been home sick of late and put some dents in some chick lit. Hope to get back to regular posts when I get off the couch!

    1. I’ve brought have of my loot with me but left the other at my parents…so now I’m trying to remember exactly what books I got 😀 Hope you feel better soon, Sam!

    1. Hmmh, I really enjoyed the first one I read and if I remember correctly you gave that one to me! 🙂 It was a yellowish cover.

  3. Nice books, Bina! Liza Cody is a new-to-me author and she looks quite exciting! Looking forward to reading your post on your London book loot 🙂 Wonderful to know that you have a great time in the UK!

  4. Hi Bina! I’m interested to hear that you’re enjoying The Wind-Up Girl, I should really give it another chance. I got it out from the library once but didn’t get past the first few pages, think I wasn’t in the mood. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on it.

    1. I’m still reading that one, I’ve been travelling and moving too much recently but I hope I’ll finish it this week. I really enjoy it though even if I wish I would know what to pronounce the names etc in my mind 🙂 Hope you’ll give it another try!

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