Weekend loot

Guess where I went this weekend! The boekenfestijn (book festival/bazzar) in Maastricht. I used to go every year but when I moved farther away for my master’s degree I always missed it. But this year I was not too far away and so I packed a very patient friend and off we went.This is what it looks like (at least when I attempt photography 😉 ):


I set myself a budget and actually stayed within it, so proud! Here are the five books I bought:



Full Moon by P. G. Wodehouse

The Tortoise and the Hare by Elizabeth Jenkins

Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay

Asthma- The Biography by Mark Jackson

The Canon by Natalie Angier


I really liked the book selection this year, especially the non-fiction, and there were a couple more books that tempted me but I successfully resisted. I have a lot more unread books on the shelf than is usual for me so I’ll try to read some of them before buying more (though it’s not yet so bad that I have to ban myself!).

As I’m spending the weekend at my parents I had a wonderfully stocked and equipped kitchen and made use of it. For those of you who don’t know about the Guglhupf, it’s a traditionally German cake, and someone had the great idea to make tiny baking pans and the small cakea are called Gugl. I doubled the amount of ingredients in the recipe to make more than 30 of the tiny cakes but a day later we have only 5 left! That’s what Amaretto and strawberry Gugl look like:


And then today I tried making bread pudding for dessert, because I made sandwiches earlier and cut the bread and didn’t want to waste the soft crust. They turned out fine and I think I successfully fed family and friends!

ImageSadly it’s still quite cold here, but at least it was sunny today and so I spent a few hours bundled up and finished The Windup Girl. It has around 200 pages more than I usually like in a book but the worldbuilding was amazing and very convincing so it wasn’t the result of an author’s long-windedness. Hopefully I’ll manage tp post a review next week.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and tell me what you’re reading!



23 thoughts on “Weekend loot

  1. Loved the pictures, Bina! I am really interested in hearing your thoughts on Natalie Angier’s ‘The Canon’. She is such a wonderful writer. The pictures of the Gugl and the bread pudding look so inviting – wish I could try them 🙂

    1. Wish I could share them with you! 🙂 I hope The Canon is good, I remember loving Woman, should perhaps reread it now that I’d probably understand more ;D

  2. The Book festival sounds exciting (and maybe slightly dangerous for a book addict lol) and the food looks delicious. Fancy sending me some of those cakes? 😛

    I’m still reading Jane Eyre at the moment but am very near to finishing now. Not made much of a dent in On Writing and Shakespeare’s Sonnets but did polish off in one night The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett!

    1. Haha, yup it might be a somewhat risky trip if you take too much money along 😉 Would that I could, but i really do not want to have it go bad on the way to the UK. But come visit! 🙂

      No need to stress over that, enjoy that you always have some on hand that you can dive right back into! 🙂 Is it a Discworld book? Probably…:) Those seem fun, I’ve read only the first one.

      1. It certainly is a Discworld novel, the 27th one to be exact hehe! Would be good one to try if you haven’t read much before as it is short and simple, plus it also full of mythology 🙂

  3. Great loot,I always love some P.G.Wodehouse. Now I’m jealous and want to go to a book festival too haha! Your baked goods look delicious!

    1. Jo, the Asthma book is great, recommend it if you’re in the mood for history of a disease. When are we reading the next DuMaurier? It rained something awful today, that put me in the mood for her works again 🙂

      1. Dear friend, I missed you. 🙂 Been wondering what you are up to! yes we will read the next Du Maurier in September or end August, how does that sound? or do you want to read one in August? Up to you, I’m all for it. Let me know what you would like to read next, ideally from my collection. 😉

        See: http://bibliojunkie.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/daphne-du-maurier-collection/
        I have added My Loving Spirit since then.

        For the time being would you like to join us in A Suitable Boy read-along?

        1. Oh my goodness… I just saw what you are reading now.. DAPHNE??!! I got the book in my shelf! How far are you into the book now? 😀

          1. I’ve missed you my friend! 🙂 I’m all for August but do let me know if September works better for you. Heh browing your collection is fun, wish I could run fingers along the spines…hope that doesn’t sound too creepy 😉 I’ve only Hungry Hill, but I’ll browse the bookstores and see which ones I can find. Or is there a favorite you want to read next?

            Oh I’ve finished Daphne a while ago, must get better at updating the blog, but it’s really good and I hope you’ll love it! 🙂

            Oh what a chunkster..that’s quite intimidating. Are you enjoying the book?

            1. Bina,
              15 pages on A Suitable Boy, too early to tell but there are lots of characters. We’ll see.
              As for Du Maurier, would you like to try My Loving Spirit? It is her first book. Hope it’s ok.

  4. Love the books and the cooking. Does the asthma book cover the history of the treatments? They used to have some weird and wonderful remedies in the ‘old days’…

    1. It doesn’t go into excessive detail but some remedies are indeed mentioned. The classics seem to have been used for nearly all illnessess 😀

    1. Thanks Amy, they taste lovely too but gone too quickly 🙂 CAn’t decide whether to read the canon very quickly or really slowly and savor it 😉

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