“Serpent, or is it crocodile?”

Or: Meeting Mrs. Bradley:

Mrs Bradley, “sometime detective and full-time Freudian”, investigates in over 60 mysteries written by the wonderfully prolific Gladys Mitchell. I just “met” her in The Saltmarsh Murders.

The bats Mrs. Gatty mentioned in the excerpt above has this thing of seeing people as animals, and in the case of Mrs. Bradley she is cannot decide if she’s serpent or crocodile. Mrs. Bradley herself is in favor of crocodile!

I’ve basically holed myself up with this mystery, a pot of tea and raspberry muffins…being lazy on a Sunday is a form of art after all. Hope you’re all well and enjoying your Sunday!


10 thoughts on ““Serpent, or is it crocodile?”

  1. A mystery, a pot of tea, and raspberry muffins. 😦
    You do realize, Bina, people are going to read this on Monday afternoon and get awfully depressed 🙂
    Thank you for the reference! Do visit!

    1. Haha, so sorry about that 😀 But perhaps you’ll be inspired to have yourself a lazy Sunday next weekend and boast about it the following Monday ;P

  2. I am glad that there are other people out there who tend to compare human beings to animals… my mother used to remark that this is very rude when I did it as a child.;-)

    Anyway, I am looking forward to reading a lot of detective stories when I will be back in Germany… I am sure you have been aware of it for some time – “Vish Puri and the Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken” is out now and I am sure that is just as good as the first two novels are.

    1. Heh, but the character in this book is nuts!! ;D Haha your poor mother, bet you embarassed a lot of people.

      I’ll gladly lend this one to you next month! I’ve been debating whether to order it now, but I’ll wait till next month, one less book to move 🙂

    1. Heh, well it is 😉 At least I always prepare, making tea, baking, etc, so that I can be super lazy afterwards while reading. Loved the Mitchell mystery, can definitely recommend it. I found the adaptation which is amazing as well, though completely different.

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