Spring-Cleaning: The Library Edition

I have a confession to make: I don’t have thousands and thousands of books! I have many (according to friends, family and visitors) and it’s definitely a three-digit number, but I don’t have the gigantic amount that apparently lots of other bibliophiles have. There are a couple of reasons for that: I don’t have that much money, I use the library a lot, I read mostly in English but live in Germany and thus can’t just pop into the nearest charity shop for the next great bargain, I seem to move every 2-3 years. Usually, I envy people who have their books stacked floor to ceiling in every room, but it’s moving day again this Sunday, so at the moment I only feel relieved.

Nevertheless, moving always motivates me to sort through the books I have and finally get rid of those I haven’t touched or even looked at since the last move. Usually, it’s those books I bought only to realize that I already had a copy or it’s because of those damned book bazaars, which I simply cannot resist although they usually sell only German editions and I end up not reading those but acquire the English edition at some later point. (Assuming you don’t have the language problem I can see how thousands of books easily accumulate)

I gave a couple of paperbacks away on bookmooch and donated this small but heavy pile to a charity shop:

So there I was walking quite proudly towards the exit of the shop, only to nearly fall over a small box of English books someone else had given away only minutes before. Usually, they have about ten English books there at a time, all thrillers I don’t read or heavily annotated penguin classics that smell…um…dubiously? Just my luck that this once there were two keepers:

Surely two small paperbacks instead of a pile of heavy hardbacks will win me points with the movers (e.g. parents)!? 😉 At least I have photo evidence to make my case on Sunday, when the usual complaining about the books starts, as it always invariably does.

Do you spring clean your library or can’t you bear to part with any of your books?


10 thoughts on “Spring-Cleaning: The Library Edition

  1. I do it on gradual basis. I loan my unfavourite books out or I give my 2nd copies away. But when there is a day when I have to move away, I will give my least favourite books away to the Charity shops!

    p/s: Now that you have a kindle, perhaps 3-books is the solution! 😀

    1. That sounds like a great system! And I love the charity shops in the UK! 😀
      Yeah the kindle keeps me from buying classics in the worst conditions and with weird smells. Love being able to read the e-book when the urge strikes and then having read the book I have lots of time to hunt down the perfect book edition 🙂

  2. Congrats both on the “spring”-cleaning and the acquisition of the two new books! Do not have a bad conscience reagding your parents; you still gave away more than you bought.;)

    Also, “Discourses on Violence” is really quite a bargain – the copy I found in amazon is priced at more than € 300.

    1. Haha, thanks, although I should stop buying books in the next two months but I can’t always resist 😀 Really?? That’s a ridiculous amount of money, I got it for 4 euros, I think!

  3. I am a spring cleaner but that’s only because my bookshelves are overflowing! It’s going to be a few car loads of books when I move next! I tend to read and pass on now, but I do have a shelf of books I’ve loved or that have been given to me be someone special.

  4. The books you gave away look quite wonderful, Bina! Sorry you couldn’t read them. Your new acquisitions are wonderful! It is always very difficult to get out of a bookshop without buying atleast one book 🙂 I should think of doing this one of these days – sort out my book collection and give away books that I don’t want to keep. I am so possessive of my books that it will be heartbreaking to do that, but I need to get to it one of these days.

    1. Hope they find great new homes! Well I did read a lot of them or found English copies I enjoy more 🙂 Oh I know, the temptation, especially since they don’t usually have too amny English books there.
      Think of it as giving them a new hope where they may be ore appreciated, that is if you give books away you have double or don’t read 🙂

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