Mailbox Monday, September 24

Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.” It is hosted by BookNAround this month.

I’m currently staying with my parents and so got to visit all my old bookish haunts 😉 There’s a wonderful second-hand bookshop, which was closed for a while because a water pipe or something broke. Luckily it re-opened last week and everything seems to have survived.

Travel Light (Naomi Mitchinson)

A magical quest story with bears, dragons and more.

Angel (Elizabeth Taylor)

Born to a shopkeeper mother, Angel thinks she is destined for much more. Retreating into romance, she begins writing fanciful stories.

Bad Company (Liza Cody)

The second Anna Lee book, in which she is herself kidnapped while investigating a case.

Under Contract (Liza Cody)

Another Anna Lee book, in which she has to mind a rock-star on tour.

And then I couldn’t resist the big bookstore and also got:

The Thief (Fuminori Nakamura)

The thief is offered a job he can’t refuse, and he is tangled-up in a web of political intrigue as a result.

What books came into your house last week?

18 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday, September 24

  1. No new books for me, even though I visited one of my favourite bookshops from childhood while on holiday. I was strong! Must get down my current TBR pile first.

    By the way I love this new theme for your blog. Simple but nice and I especially love the header.

    1. Good on you! I had to get a new shelf but then it looked so empty so I had to get more books of course 😉
      Oh thank you, I felt it was time for a change 🙂

  2. I like your selection of books! The Thief in particular, with its very clean cover, makes me want to read it. Are you still reading The Loving Spirit, or have you already finished it?

    1. From the summary, I think the cover fits the story perfectly, but so far I’ve yet to read The Thief.
      I’ve finished it and really enjoyed it. Different but still so very DuMaurier. How’d you like it?

  3. Nice new acquisitions, Bina! Glad to know that your favourite second-hand bookshop has opened again. That Elizabeth Taylor book looks quite interesting.

    I love the new look-and-feel of your blog. When I stopped by today, I wondered whether I had lost my way, because everything had changed. I loved the picture of Du Maurier’s ‘Frenchman’s Creek’ and the cup of tea in the header 🙂 Must have taken you a lot of time to redesign the layout. It looks very beautiful.

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