Challenging Challenges in 2013

I’ve decided that if I’ll do my best to be a good blogger this year, I won’t do things by halves. So I’ll try again with the reading challenge thing. But this time, I don’t want to commit to a lot of big challenges that span the year, instead I want to take my time and see what fun everyone comes up with for holidays, themed months etc.

Here’s what my January plans look like:

January in Japan is hosted by Tony. Read his introductory post here. Japanese literature is a favorite of mine, but I’m still trying to read more authors that are not Banana Yoshimoto. This is mostly because I have read all her books except the newest, but still, time to broaden my horizons. I have three Japanese books on the shelf that want to be read and even though the challenge only asks you to read at least one, I’m trying to be an optimist. Here’s my selection:

january in japan

Twinkle Twinkle by Kaori Ekuni, The Thief by Fuminori Nakamura, The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa

LAR Button Final

And Iris and Ana have thought of this most wonderful event of Long-Awaited Reads Month. Everyone has probably a huge (mental) pile of books that have acquired lots of dust even though you have been wanting to read them for a long time. I have thought a while about which books of this long list to choose:

An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears, which I have already made a dent in and a book that has been gathering dust on the shelf for a good year. And I have been meaning to read it even longer, so an ideal candidate for this event. Then, still trying to be an optimist, I’ve thought of a second book, just in case I have more time to read (there are three long train journeys in January for me, and as everyone knows train rides are there so you can read without being distracted).

The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West. There are books I’ve thought of reading so often that sometimes it actually feels like I’ve read them. I still haven’t read West’s classic, but it will get done this month (I hope)!

What about you? Do you plan on participating in reading challenges for 2013?

17 thoughts on “Challenging Challenges in 2013

  1. Those are wonderful challenges, Bina! ‘Long-Awaited Reads Month’ is a cool name 🙂 I read Yoko Ogawa’s ‘The Housekeeper and the Professor’ when it came out and I loved it! It is one of my favourite books! Hope you enjoy reading it. I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it and how it compares with Banana Yoshimoto’s works. Have a wonderful reading month in January! Happy reading!

  2. Ta! They did come up with a fantastic name 🙂 I remember ou loving this book, so I hope I get around to it this month. Maybe it’ll even make me google maths! Yoshimoto is my favorite so far but I have to say I loved Ogawa’s The Hotel.

  3. Short challenges are great. Ahh. now I know what’s that twinkle, twinkle. I’m curious about the thief now. I look forward to read your reviews!

    1. Yes I’m hoping I’ll do better with short challenges. Haha yes the twinkle is actually a thing 😉 Hope I can recommend them!

  4. I will be continuing The Classics Club project through 2013, but haven’t signed up for anything new got overwhelmed with challenges last year. So decided to keep things simple this year. I may join in with smaller challenges as and when they take my fancy.

    1. Sounds like a good plan. I started too many challnges in 2011 and was a bit traumatized last year 😉
      It’ll be great to read your reviews for the classics project!

  5. I recently read The Return of the Soldier and liked it. It’s a wuick read too. I’m so happy you will be joining Ana and me this month 🙂

    1. I’m glad you came up with such a great idea! 🙂 Good to hear it’s a quick read, hope I’ll amanage to read it this month. I optimistically downloaded the ebook already 🙂

  6. Here’s another fan of Ogawa’s The Housekeeper and the Professor! The Long-Awaited Reads seems to be gathering a large crowd of enthusiasts, I’ll be eagerly reading everyone’s progression and reviews 🙂 Tony’s challenge sounds like great fun. Happy reading, Bina!

    1. I’m happy to hear that, and I will make time for it! (putting it on the to do list 😉 )
      Oh yes it struck a chord with a lot of reader I think. The reviews will probably be terrible for your trb list 🙂

  7. I’m still undecided on challenges this year. I had a challenge free year in 2012 and thought it okay. I might just set challenges in my head so nobody knows if I fail!

    1. So many people don’t manage to complete challenges, no shame! 🙂 I’m unsure about them for the same reasons, but perhaps shorter challenges work out better. Good luck with your secret challenges 😉

    1. Thanks, Ana! I’m really enjoying Instance of the Fingerpost and hopefully I’ll get to the West book. I’ve read so much about shell shock, I really want to read the fictional representation 🙂

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