2013 vs. blogging


What happened to 2013? As the year comes to an end and I look back, one of the things I finally noticed was how blogging has more or less disappeared from my life. So, what happened? I really focused on my studies this year (basically spent 90% of the year at my desk) and on all those extra things that should be on theCV, internships, great job experiences etc, I didn’t really take a vacation and finally, I am no longer doing literary studies. All those things together led to me reading less (less fiction that is, I read plenty articles and textbooks or textbook excerpts) and to let blogging slide. But reading and talking about books has always been a constant in my life and I find that I’m missing this a lot. I’m surrounded by incredibly smart people and we have amazing discussions, but mostly they are not for-fun-readers and this was once the reason I turned to blogging in the first place.

Usually in December, I look back at what I’ve read, but this time I have to admit I read so much less than all the other years and also, for the first time in years, I’ve not really kept track of my reads. I’ve actually had a couple of days of holidays for Christmas now and have read more in the last three days than I did the last three months, I hung out on goodreads, read a few book posts and am also trying to decide which books to get with my Amazon voucher. I’m thinking of my poor abandoned blog without feeling stressed and missing everyone’s amazing reviews and general enthusiasm for all things bookish, and I’m wondering whether I might be ready to return to blogging. So this is my incredibly awkward possibly returning to blogging end of the year blog!

Now I’ve just read JoV’s post about cutting back, I’m wondering about everyone elses experiences. Do you ever get tired of blogging or feel stressed or that it’s one more chore? How do you deal with it?

In any case, I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas and relaxing holidays with your loved ones and a ton of exciting books!


7 thoughts on “2013 vs. blogging

  1. It’s great to hear from you, Bina! I also blogged a lot less this year than in the past, though I still managed a couple of posts a month. Sometimes life just gets in the way of reading and blogging, and I’ve just been trying to relax and accept that.

    1. Thanks, Ana! I’m really impressed by your energy and dedication to blogging! I think that’s a great attitude, maybe it’ll work for me, too 🙂

  2. So glad and happy to see you back, Bina 🙂 Missed your book reviews and bookish posts very much. Sometimes life does become hectic and it is difficult to take time off to do fun things like blogging. I have reading slumps every year which last for a month or so and at that time my blogging goes down, because I mostly review books and rarely write other kind of posts. I remember something from my pre-blogging days though, when I first went to work. My reading suddenly went down as I was busy with work at a new place and trying to settle in, in a new city and I didn’t read a book in nearly six months. Then one day I asked myself the question – would I stop reading if my work got too hectic or life got in the way of my reading? I realized that reading was too valuable a thing and too important a part of me to give up. Since that day I have read consistently. When I read your post, I could relate to what you said very much and I remembered the challenge I faced when I first went to work.

    Hope you get time to blog more regularly in the new year. I will look forward to reading your thoughts on books and bookish topics. Happy New Year! Happy reading!

  3. Thanks, Vishy! It’s also great to hear about your experiences and how you deal with slumps! I’m always amaze at how many books and such chunksters, too, you read and then you post such great in-depth reviews 🙂 You’re right of course, I do want to keep reading consistently and I need to make time for it when I can. Perhaps setting the goal of one blog post per week…that shouldn’t be too difficult to do.
    I missed all reading your reviews though I’m gad for other social media so that we didn’t lose contact!

    1. I am always scared of reading slumps, Bina. I have one every year, but it doesn’t last for long. That time it was quite bad. I am glad I came out of that. Thanks for your kind words on my reviews. I enjoy writing long, rambling reviews 🙂 I will look forward to reading your posts this year. Yes, I am also thankful to other social media – it is nice that we could keep in touch that way.

  4. I have definitely cut back on blogging and sort of found I read more. But, like you, I like to see what I’ve read over the year and because i don’t keep track of it anymore (the reading notebook long gone missing) on the blog, I’ve missed that.

    1. It’s great that this somehow led to more reading! I checked all the old haunts when I returned and saw you hadn’t posted in a while, but now there’s a new one, it’s good to see you back! 🙂

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