5 on my tbr

It’s been a while – again. I’m swamped with work at the moment, but then today I remembered the no-pressure-blogging resolution for this year. So, how about a quick post with five books that are currently on my tbr (it’s what I call my shoe box full of post-it notes with scrawls of titles and authors a.k.a. the ton of books I wish I had lying around). Have some pretty pics of pretty books:

Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route (Saidiya Hartman)


Though I’ve read quite a bit about the Black Atlantic, Hartman’s work is still on my tbr. I’ve recently finished Cvetkovich’s Depression (which is amazing!) and she references and makes use of Lose Your Mother in her arguments. I really want to read this one now.

Die Tapetentür (Marlen Haushofer)


My wonderful friend Vishy gave me Haushofer’s The Wall and I absolutely loved it (and I will review that one soon). So I thought I’d check out her other works and this one sounded great plus my library actually has a copy. The main character in this one is a librarian! and I hope Haushofer’s portrayal of women will be as great here.

Life after Life (Kate Atkinson)


Absolutely love Atkinson’s crime fiction and most of all her biting sense of humor and nastiness of character descriptions. Time to try her novels and this one is recent and I’ve been seeing a lot of it on the blogosphere etc. Though it usually takes me ages to get to new books.

The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy (Nikki Loftin)


A kind of Hänsel & Gretel revisited for middle-graders, it sounds like huge fun and some reviewers made daring Roald Dahl comparisons (careful with such comparisons please!!). This can only lead to disappointed expectations, but I want to give it a try anyway since I’m also a sucker for the cover art.

Brown Skin, White Masks (Hamid Dabashi)


To make up for my shallow cover art comment, here’s an academic tbr (see I have depth) ;P I read more of those nowadays it seems, but I only recently discovered Dabashi’s work even existed. The Fanon book was amazing and this one basically connects it with Orientalism and our era and discusses the problems of intellectual migrants and informing on one’s home country. Will have to see about the quality of the arguments, but if it does what it advertises then I really want to include it in all future discussions of colonialism and Orientalism.

Have you read these books? Do you want to?

Also, self-conscious blogger question: Are posts like this of interest to you or do you prefer in-depth reviews?

5 thoughts on “5 on my tbr

  1. Posts like this are just fine! You’ve included enough info to intrigue and let me know if something may interest me – perfect.

    And the only one of these I’ve so far come across is Life After Life – and like you I seldom seem to get to the recently published books – it was a Christmas gift and is still in the unread stack of books by my armchair. I WANT to read it; I WILL read it, just not right now… 😉

    1. Glad the format works for you, maybe I’ll make it a semi-regular thing. Heh I have the same problem with The Goldfinch..it’s weird but if you own the book there’s no rush, it’s there whenever you get around to it 🙂

  2. Wonderful TBR list, Bina! (And I love this post!) Glad to know that you liked ‘The Wall’. Hope you enjoy reading ‘Die Tapetentür’. I don’t think it has been translated into English yet. So I have another new Marlen Haushofer book to look forward to 🙂 I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! I haven’t read a Kate Atkinson book yet, but I have one or two of her crime novels. I should read them soon. The cover of Nikki Loftin’s book is quite nice. Dabashi’s book looks quite fascinating. Hope you like it. Will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Happy reading!

    1. Glad you like the post, Vishy. I might do more tbr posts every once in a while. Oh that’s too bad, hope it’ll get translated soon!! But thenyou won’t have the problem of having already read her entire works 🙂 Definitely try Atkinson, for example Case Histories, she’s fantastic. Pretty excited about the Dabashi, hope it’s not too polemical though.

      1. I remember last year when I discovered Marlen Haushofer, there were only three of her books translated into English. I hope more get translated now. I love her books 🙂

        I think I have Atkinson’s ‘Case Histories’. I remember getting it at a book sale last year. I will try to read it soon. Thanks for recommending it.

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