Queer diasporas

My uni library is sadly lacking in literature I need, so I’m always quite surprised when my catalogue searches do come up with results. I know it’s an academic read, but it’s fun and well-written and does give you critical tools for looking at literature and film in a fresh light. Separating academic from prose works is boring and I know you all can take it!

queer diasporas

Definitely read this one if you are interested in diasporas, queer theory, nationalism and lesbian subjectivity. In that case also check out M.F. Manalansan’s works.

I’m gonna curl up with Gopinath’s book and a pot of tea, intellectual posturing be damned.

What are you currently reading? Academic works, blogs or news articles, what reads do you leave out of your book blogs?


4 thoughts on “Queer diasporas

  1. This looks like a wonderful book, Bina! Love that cover too – that is the actress Rekha (the person on the right) in either ‘Utsav’ (or maybe ‘Umrao Jaan’ – I am not very sure. I get confused between these two movies). I checked the description of this book in Amazon and discovered that it talks about Ismat Chughtai’s short story ‘The Quilt’ (it is wonderful) and the Shabhana Azmi-Nandita Das movie ‘Fire’ (it is wonderful). I hope you are enjoying reading it. I also hope that you will post a review of it 🙂 Happy reading!

    1. It’s Utsav, you really know your movies! 🙂 I’m so curious abou the works discussed here now, definitely love the focus on south asia and britain. I’ll make sure to mark passages where she discusses them for you 🙂

      1. Thanks Bina 🙂 Those two are famous movies here. Nice to know that the cover is from ‘Utsav’. Looking forward to reading your reviews and those passages that you highlight. Happy reading!

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