New Loot


Finally got some new books! I’ve been trying not to get too many more books these last two years since the last move kind of gave me a book-moving trauma! But on my way home last week I saw some flyers for a used book sale at a community center and couldn’t resist. Once there I wasn’t really in any danger of buying too many books since most were Edgar Wallace, Forsyth, Pilcher and the likes and that’s not really my stuff. I was a very happy bookworm though when I found a copy of Das Alter (La Vielleisse) by Simone de Beauvoir and an English copy of Roots by Alex Hayley, score! I’ve never read de Beauvoir’s works on age and society so I’m very excited about it and since I studied American Studies I feel that it is obligatory to own a copy of Roots. Also, I’ve only ever watched the adaptation.

The funniest thing though was that on the way to the book sale I stumbled on a free books box and the only thing left was a copy of N. Scott Momaday’s House Made of Dawn in English and in great condition. This has never happened before, usually these boxes have either uninteresting books in them or they are wet from rain or smell weird. So I’m very happy about this one.

What books have you acquired recently and do you ever find free books boxes in your area?


6 thoughts on “New Loot

  1. Nice loot, Bina 🙂 Simone de Beauvoir is always wonderful to read. I read a little bit of Alex Haley’s book when I was a teenager, but couldn’t read the whole book. I should pick it up one of these days. It is so wonderful that you got a bookish treasure in a great condition in a free books box! It is so wonderful when we stumble upon treasures like that. Enjoy reading your new books.

    1. Thanks, Vishy! It really was like finding treasure. Have you tried the Roots adaptation? It’s also very good 🙂 I’m happy there’s still a few gems to be found at book fairs, since the store’s here don’t have that many English ones.

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