Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon


Ahhh, I signed up for the readathon this Saturday! In all my years of book blogging I’ve never participated in the readathon, either the timing didn’t work or it just seemed too daunting. But I’ve always loved the tbr stacks participants posted and then I read Sharlene’s readathon post and was inspired to just jump in.

The best thing is that the readathon is from 2pm till 2pm in my time zone, which works great for me. I want it to be pretty relaxed, so I’ll definitely want to get some sleep and just curl up after brunch with the last book for some quick reading. Also, might actually get some laundry and work done before the readathon starts. I’m with my family over the weekend, so will need to be a bit social in-between obsessive reading bouts, but they’ll be readying the garden for winter anyway.

The prep stage appeals to me so much, I’m gonna swing by the market for snacks and such, perhaps even the small library (no hopes whatsoever) and the bookstore (only top 50 bestsellers in English), but that way I can remind myself why I chose the Scribd e-book flat. I also need more candles and not-really-but-always more tea. What? That’s completely normal reading prep!

Of course, I spent most of the day thinking of books to read during readathon. I’ve heard that lighter reads and shorter books as well as comics go a long way and while I’m not a slow reader, I hate to rush through and still want to feel accomplished, so that seems like a good idea. Since I don’t have access to all the books, my tbr consists mainly of Scribd ebooks. Well, drumroll, here it is:

readathon stack

Nope that is not what I think I’ll manage to read! My personal goal is to finish two books 😀 But I want a good selection from which to choose, depending on my mood. I chose Salsa Nocturna (which I’m a couple of pages in, but will just start again Saturday), because it’s the only Daniel José Older I have access to and it’s on Scribd till the end of October 17th only, so I’ll definitely be reading this one. Also by Mail is my second Diversiverse read and the event ends on Saturday, so my plan is to read and review it during readathon (sometimes you just got to be efficient).

I’ve also chosen two comics, that I’ve heard lots of great things about, Lumberjanes and Zombillenium, and since each part is very short I want to have them on hand to change things up. I was so disappointed that Binti was only available as audiobook, but then I checked the length and it’s only 2 and something hours and when my eyes get sore I’ll put on Binti and take a walk to get some air. In case I want some nonfiction, I’ve added I Mix What I Like to my stack, it’s about the decolonial and revolutionary potential of hip hop and mixtapes and that’s right up my alley. And two other books that I’ve been wanting to read, Artistotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and Zahrah the Windseeker are there waiting for me to get bored or restless with the other books. But I think I might want to take my time with them. That’s the plan anyway, Saturday might go very differently though (wish me luck that I don’t end up with a migraine). But I’m super exciting!

Have you read these books? Are you joining the readathon? If so, what’s on your reading stack?

10 thoughts on “Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

  1. Lumberjanes and Zombillenium are both such fun reads, and I loved Zahrah the Windseeker! You’re going to have a great time on Saturday!

    Oh and I’m like you about tea. I already have tons of different teas in my kitchen but I can never resist buying more!

  2. Wonderful reading list, Bina! ‘Also by mail’ and ‘Aristotle and Dante…’ sound so wonderful! The decision to have a couple of comics is so wonderful too 🙂 Happy reading! I will keep checking-in on your posts.

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