October in Books

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October was a great reading month for me, I managed 10 books (counting 5 Lumberjanes issues as one book). Mostly this success is due to the readathon, my first one and which was a lot of fun.  Sadly, with the end of October also comes the end of two reading events: Diversiverse and R.I.P. X.

For Diversiverse, I read Attica Locke’s The Cutting Season and Also by Mail by Olumide Popoola. But I read more works by authors of color: The Good House by Tananarive Due, Binti by Nnedi Okorafor, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Of course I won’t stop reading non-white authors now that the event is over and luckily there are tons of amazing recommendations to be found in the #Diversiverse tab on Aarti’s blog, take a look at this wonderful growing archive!

For me the creepy reading season basically goes till February, so I’m sad that R.I.P. X is over already. But I’ll continue with the suspenseful, eerie, creepy and terrifying…mwuahaha 😀 My creepy R.I.P. X reads in October were The Cutting Season (overlap with Diversiverse) and The Good House by Tananarive Due, and also the first Zombillenium comic. And I guess my Halloween reads The Walls Around Us and Halloween Party count as well. I’m only sad I didn’t manage to write up all the reviews, but hopefully that’ll get done in the next few weeks.

Looking at my list of books read, I just cannot pick a favorite. I enjoyed them all, and loved quite a lot of them. I knew I would love The Cutting Season and Also by Mail, but Aristotle and Dante really surprised me. Turns out I can do YA romance after all when it’s amazingly written LGBTIQ+ of color and about friendship. I also fell hard for Lumberjanes.

I don’t really have grand reading plans for November. I’m still pacing myself with The Fifth Season, which I fell for at the dedication page already. And then my birthday is on Sunday, so maybe there’ll be some new books for me to enjoy 🙂

Hope everyone had a great October! Any reading plans for November?

14 thoughts on “October in Books

  1. Happy birthday in advance! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend. It sounds like you had a great month reading-wise. Here’s to a fantastic November!

  2. So nice to know that you had a wonderful reading month in November, Bina! I want to read ‘Also by mail’ and ‘Aristotle and Dante…’. Advance Happy Birthday wishes! Hope you have a wonderful reading month in November! Happy reading!

  3. Aw, Aristotle and Dante is such a dear, sweet book. Glad you enjoyed it! And happy early birthday!!

    I have no plans for November except that I am determined to read oodles and oodles of books. I will be spending a lot of time sitting around waiting for things in the month of November (for various reasons), and I firmly intend to use that time to read wondrous books.

    1. Aw thank you! So so wonderful, I know I’ll reread Aristotle and Dante many times.
      Yeah only upside to lots of waiting around is the reading time, hope that’ll make it easier for you. Enjoy reading whatever you want this month 🙂

  4. Yeeeey! So I am basically dying of excitment over here at having found your blog. Cause Germany. Cause similar reading tastes. Yeeeeeeeey again.

    Now to the books. I have been working my way through all of the books published by Edition Assemblage (particularly the Witnessed series that Also by Mail is a part of), and I have to admit that was my least favorite. Have you read any of the others in the series? Such wonderful stuff. I desperately want to read Binti, oh oh oh, but I have decided one of my 2016 goals will be to read ALL of her books, so yey, coming soon I guess. The Fifth Season is another one on my list in big capital letters, so glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

    Lumberjanes. So I just read it as well, and it was nice and all, but I didn’t fall hard for it like everyone else seems to be. Did you read and love Nimona already too? In part I was wondering if it was bad expectation management. But in part I just felt like a younger me would have liked it me than me now. Dunno. But I am head over heels for Rat Queens, so there’s a win anyway.

    1. Jaaaa toll 🙂 Thanks so much for your lovely comment! It’s so cool to find another German blogger who has similar taste in books, your Buchmesse haul was awesome.
      I really enjoyed Also by Mail though I tend to give plays extra points since I have to judge by the text and not the theater performance. But now I really want to read all the edition assemblage books. My plan was to read the Sharon Dodua Otoo soon, but maybe you can recommend a favorite?
      Oh Binti was so amazing, I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was a great fit. Can’t wait to hear how you like it. Heh I have so many of Okorafor’s works still to read but I’m already like briliant author I have to pace myself 😀
      Loving The Fifth Season and it’s a chunkster, for me at least so I read a couple pages every night, the world building!!
      Maybe I discovered my inner child 😉 But I fell hard for the Lumberjanes, how I wish I could have read them as a girl! But I have Rat Queens on my tbr and Ms Marvel, they’re not on scribd alas. But I know I’ll cave soon and buy them.
      Happy reading in November!

      1. Well, not German, just in Germany. (But I saw you commented on something of mine that I haven’t had a chance to read properly yet, and it sounded like you had already figured that out. 🙂 ) I would be German, if they were still allowing dual citizenships. But alas, I emotionally can’t seem to handle the thought of burning my US passport until I have no more family back there, so still just American for now.

        ANYWAY. Books. Of Sharon Dodua Otoo’s stuff I have actually enjoyed the nonfiction the most. Little Book of Big Visions was my very first Edition Assemblage book (which she edited, but she has an essay in there), and I loved it quite a lot. Art and creation and racism in Germany and there is even an article all about science fiction, which made my day. That was the first book that pointed out to me that one reason Germany seems to have such a huge problem talking about racism is that nobody every talks about its colonial history because everybody is so obsessed with talking about Hitler. And it gets ignored. To the point that people don’t even believe it happened. But of fucking course it did and aknowledging that seems to be a big piece in the puzzle of being able to productively talk about this shit with Germans. There is a great essay in there on why blackface is fucking dumb that I wish was online so I could reference it to people who are trying to argue with Europeans (this time of year I’m thinking of the Dutch specifically, with the bullshit of theirs that is about to come up again). I’ve also read her novella things i am thinking while smiling politely… but it is of the realistic (though structurally experimental) and sad brand of literature that isn’t so much my sweet spot. Maybe you saw it already, but I just interviewed her. It is online here if you didn’t: http://www.young-germany.de/topic/live/witnessed-an-interview-with-editor-sharon-dodua-otoo

        I’m not great with plays on paper in general, but I enjoyed The Most Unsatisfied Town (from the same series) more, perhaps because it was so perfectly the thing I needed to read to help me explain to Germans that yes, this bullshit police brutality stuff happens in Germany too, not just in America. I’m trying to remember what it was about Also by Mail that I had trouble connecting to, and I think it was a character problem. As in I didn’t really connect to any of them and then it was already over. I think that is one I would enjoy more on the stage.

        ANYWAY. Getting a bit long winded here. 🙂 Going to go see what you wrote in the Book Punks comments…

        1. Heh, Yup, only figured it out after reading more of your blog 🙂 Ugh hate the single citizenship policy, too!

          Oh I love your interview with Sharon Dodua Otoo, now I want to read all her works!! Maybe I’ll start with her nonfiction then, that sounds brilliant, and then try her fiction.

          Ugh yes, Germany. No colonialism, like we tried for our spot under the sun but it didn’t work, no people were hurt during our attempt. It’s such crap! Also, we never had any migration flows except for Gastarbeiter, and why didn’t they leave…:(( . And the blackface, omg I literally spend most of last year with the printed out statement issued by the ISD about why black people know blackface is racist shit so stop it. Buuuttt, our traditionnnn uagh! Also, my family lived just across the border in the Netherlands, so I got to have fun with their in your blackface Sinterclaas tradition as well. It’s 2015 and for the first time Germany used the term genocide in connection with the Herrero! Love the tenacity of the acivists in (mostly) Berlin.
          Maybe I should get twitter, but they cut off rants at 140 characters 😀 Popping over to Book Punks!

  5. What an eventful month you have had, Bina! It’s amazing to learn how much you have read. 🙂 I am adding most of it to my TBR. And, yaaay! It’s your birthday month. 🙂 I wish you receive more books from your loved ones. 🙂

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