The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- READALONG Part 1

girl with the dragon tattoo readalong

Excuse my tardiness, I’ve been sick and around the doctor caroussell, which usually ends with some lame diagnosis of stress. So that’s been a bit frustrating, but I finally managed to get my readalong post up.

Deepika, Lucia and I are currently doing a ‘We’re the last ones to read it’- readalong of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and you’re  welcome to join in! So, here are my impressions on the first 7 chapters, which kinda include spoilers, but I’m going to assume everyone’s already read it 😀

Larsson starts his book of with an intriguing prologue of two old dudes talking about the yearly gift of a flower one has received.Which is apparently related to an unsolved case, so dum dum dum.

Unfortunately, the next bit was not really for me. I don’t get economic intrigue and white somewhat rich dudes tripping each other up in their clever spider’s nests is BORING. That time is better spent reading critiques of capitalism. But maybe the boring details will tie into the rest of the story in a satisfying way. Who knows? Okay probably everyone but the three of us. I laughed at the nickname Kalle Blomkvist though and felt all proud I didn’t need the reference explained, because I grew up with Astrid Lindgren’s children’s literature.

Mikael Blomkvist doesn’t leave much of an impression on me, I have to admit. He blew the whistle, turns out he was tricked, he gets to pay a huge libel fine and maybe spend a couple months in prison. Apparently he’s a good guy, with a complicated non-manogamous  off-again on-again relationship with Erika, the co-partner of their magazine.

Oh and we finally get to meet our heroine, Lisbeth Salander, who is very young, broken somehow and extremely smart and capable. Of course she is attractive apparantly despite the everything-but- her- skin black she rocks. Hopefully the other women characters get more showtime soon, they are intoduced and I want to know more about the feminist lawyer sister etc, but, as of yet, Salander looks like the typical ‘only female and therefore superawesome’ character. Hope it doesn’t turn out this way though. Also, her boss’ thoughts of her are just plain creepy, but at least it looks like it took an okay turn with his protective angle. But so far Salander is interesting, I love her concern for others and her skills and I’m half-afraid of finding out all the shit that probably happened to her.

And then Blomqvist gets offered a job with Vanger, to solve the mystery of Harriet’s disappearance. So, the mystery part can begin and I’m curious about it. I want to see much more of Salander and hopefully there won’t be too much of the business intrigue stuff.

What’s most interesting to me is that the work’s original title is “Men Who Hate Women,” did that make the  US/UK publishers panic? There’s two quotes of statistics about violence against women and domestic violence against women in Sweden written on the part 1 and part 2 title pages. So now of course I want to see more of how Larsson handles this, is he successful in his ambitions?

On to the second part! What did you think, Deepika? Lu? Everyone else, did you enjoy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when you read it (probably ages ago)?

6 thoughts on “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- READALONG Part 1

  1. Bina, I hope you are feeling better now. ❤

    I liked Salander too. But, I am going to park most of my observations till you both finish the book. 🙂

    Also, I didn't know about the UK title. I wonder how it was even passed off. You will know when you progress. 😉 I am not typing much because I am trying hard to not spoil it. 🙂

    I finished it this morning. But, my last post will be up, only when you are done too. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Deepika! 🙂

      Haha yes I am very curious about how the book pans out!

      Heh, now I’m sooooo curious! Damn that title, I know it’s gonna be brutal, but I need to know.

  2. Interesting thoughts, Bina! Hope you fell better soon.

    I’m enjoying the book more than I expected, so far. The prologue was very intriguing!! 🙂
    As you, I’m not very impressed with Mikael so far, Lisbeth is a far more interesting character, in my opinion. I’ve noticed that I begun to consider Mikael a good journalist after Lisbeth states so, after her research. I guess I’m influenced by her opinion…is it weird? 🙂
    Speaking of Lisbeth’s research job, I was worried of Armansky creepiness but I liked how it turned out, I appreciated the fact that he seemed to recognize he was being creepy and he was honest.

    I know there’s more to find out about Lisbeth’s story, I just hope Larsson handles this well.

    I didn’t find the economic intrigue part particularly boring, although I really didn’t like the way Mikael was told about that by his friend, it was strange…perhaps it will make more sense later in the book? I’m more curious about unsolved case of Vanger’s missing niece, though.
    Comparing the way Mikael is told about those 2 mysteries, I found Vanger’s more intriguing. At one point I realized that we (as readers, thanks to the prologue) know more than Mikael when we hear/read Vanger explaining his case. I don’t think it’s an important point…but it made me read that part differently (and less frustrated with Mikael).

    It’s really interesting about the change of title of the English version, isn’t it? I’m reading the italian version and the title is a literal translation of the original. Thankfully. Th title is also the reason I’m so worried about the way Lisbeth’s story is handled.

    Sorry for my almost-rambling thoughts 🙂 I think I lost the habit of discussing books!

    1. Noooo I love your long not at all rambling thoughts! 🙂

      I find Lisbeth’s opinion very competent, too, so I hope we get more chapters from her perspective soon.

      I was happy when the economics stuff was done and I’m also so-so on Mikael. I hope Lisbeth gets the most space in the book, I want to know how she comes in about Harriet’s disappearance and if they are connected.

      Yay so cool that Italy kept the title! But yes it does make me worried, too.

  3. The book was ok but parts of it bored me as well. The mystery was intriguing, though. I can’t remember details but as it is the case when I watch the movie, I now have a vivid image of Lisbeth walking around. She’s quite something. I like her.

    1. Heh, I do have that image of the movie-Lisbeth in mind, too 🙂 Good to hear you enjoiyed the mystery, I have to say that is mostly what keeps me going.

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