Dewey’s Readathon 2016


Whoop! Readathon is here! I finally put together my bookstack and no way will I manage to read all of these, but there’s plenty choice and enough comics for some quick reading. I didn’t really buy snacks because last time I didn’t really need that many. Also, my dad just got back from a longer trip so tonight I’ll take a reading break and spend some quality time with the family. Also, I’m cooking, so that’s another break. But maybe this time I will manage to get a picture of the vegan quiche before the family descends 😀

I got lots of tea so that I always have a cup on hand and will probably switch to green tea and maybe even black tea the later it gets. Usually I tend to drink lots of fennel tea throughout the day.

In case the picture is too small, here is my bookstack on Scribd:

ghost summer

every heart a doorway

on a station drifting

girl who fell

ocean gaiman

As you can see I will have plenty to choose from! I won’t blog today probably, but you can follow my progress on twitter and instagram if you like. Are you participating? Let me know and I’ll try to get a few cheering rounds in! Happy reading!


13 thoughts on “Dewey’s Readathon 2016

    1. Tahnks so much for stopping by! I know you cheerleaders had such a tough job, so I really appreciate it 🙂
      Loved loved Nimona, but the Gaiman is still on m tbr.

  1. Happy readathon, Bina! Woinderful reading list! I loved Neil Gaiman’s book. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the vegan quiche too 🙂

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