Diverse Detective Fiction Month- TBR


It’s here: Diverse Detective Fiction Month! I’m super excited and thanks all who are joining us! (everyone else can still join us, sign up here)

So, this event (go ahead and call it a challenge if you’re feeling competitive) will be hosted by twitter button@siliconphospho and myself, twitter button@Bina_ReadThis because detective fiction is our comfort genre, but at first glance utterly normative, and when Silicon asked for recs and came up with an amazing list, things snowballed. So here we are, who’s in the mood for exploring the diverse side of detective fiction?

Here’s the guidelines:

Have fun! Also, read at least 1 diverse detective story (we encourage you to go for #ownvoices books!) and post a review on your blog or goodreads between October 1st and October 31st. Also, feel free to follow us on twitter and gush a lot about the books or audiobooks or short stories you’re reading! Use the hashtag #DiverseDetectives twitter button

So I kinda took this opportunity to stock up my mystery shelf with some much-needed diverse books. Okay fine, that’s partly the reason for the challenge! Here’s my tbr for the challenge, as you can see, I’m trying to lead by example 😉


Summer of the Big Bachi by Naomi Hirahara

Blanche On the Lam by Barbara Neely

Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings of Saturn by Sophia Chester

Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Moseley

Dead Time by Eleanor Taylor Bland

The Eye of Jade by Diane Wei Liang

Cactus Blood by Lucha Corpi

Shades of Black: Crime and Mystery Stories by African-American Authors ed. by Barbara Neely

Make sure to check out our goodreads list for recommendations or vote for books there if you have recommendations for us!

23 thoughts on “Diverse Detective Fiction Month- TBR

  1. Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings of Saturn – this one sounds like a delightful book and I already own it! I’ll try to add one more to my reading list but probably can’t do more than that. 🙂

    1. Yay I’m reading that one too!🙌 No worries Naz, that’s why we only require 1 book for the challenge, so many books to read!!😁📚

  2. Great idea and list, Bina.
    I used to devour Valerie Wilson Wesley’s Tamara Hayle novels. Do you know her.
    I’m also a fan of Walter Mosley. I would join if I had more time.

    1. Thanks, Caroline!😳 As it happens I’m reading the first Tamara Hayle mystery right now! Glad to hear you enjoyed the series! I’ll also be reading Devil in A Blue Dress📚

  3. Wonderful challenge! I look forward to participating although I do not think I will be competitive 😉 Thank you and Silicon for organizing this!

        1. I enjoyed the first 2-3 Vish Puri books but I think as a cozy mystery w a Poirot-like detective I’m the target audience😁

  4. Wonderful TBR, Bina! I am hoping to read some Walter Moseley myself. That Barbara Neely keeps cropping up again and again these days. I want to check that out. Thanks so much for hosting this event. I can’t wait to read my first book for this event. Yay to Diverse Detectives! 😀

    1. Yay wonderful, thanks for joining us, Vishy! I’m planning to read the Moseley as well, so we can discuss if you get around to it😃 Happy reading!

  5. This looks like a totally doable TBR with some fun looking books! I’ve fallen away from detective stories because so many are super gory, so I’ll be waiting to see how you like these!

    1. Thanks, Ceillie!😃 Heh hope I’ll manage them all! Oh I don’t like gory crime novels, I tend to go for cozy. Hope I’ll have some recs for you after I’ve read these, but I think you could go for Cosmic Callisto Caprica.

  6. There are so many fun events happening right now. Too bad I’m all booked up, but I’ll be following along to see which books people recommend the most!

  7. I’m signing up now! I’m planning to read The Eye of Jade by Diane Wei Liang, starting on Saturday. I’m not sure I’ll be able to read more than one in October…
    This is a great event! I’ve already added many books to my tbr list. 😀

    1. Yass, thanks for joining us, Lu!😃 No worries, that’s why you only need to read 1 book! I’m reading Eye of Jade too! Glad you found great recs to add to your tbr!

  8. What a great event! I’m rereading a Walter Mosley mystery just now (the first in the Leonid McGill series) but I am hoping to move along to read the second when I’ve finished The Long Fall. I know, I know: I should be reading the more famous series, right? 🙂

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