5 On a Theme

5 on a theme

This is a series of posts that present 5 books on a particular theme. I’m using theme as an umbrella term under which I also connect tropes and genres. Because this is something I’m striving for in my own reading, I will in every post consider a particular theme at the intersection with a marginalized voice. And so, if you’ve been looking for Black superheroes, queer horror or German literature that isn’t white and straight, you might find your next read here. I will post a new instalment in this series every month.

Do you have a specific theme you’d like to see in this series? Leave me a comment under this page!


The 5 On a Theme posts so far:

showing our colors

Afro-German Literature


queer horror

Queer Horror


 spec fiction photo

Chican@ and Latino/a Speculative Fiction