Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family, friends, cheer, chocolate and books!

It’s the second day of Christmas over here and I managed to squeeze in some blogging time. Christmas eve was lovely, and the best time is sitting together with my family after everyone has eaten and unwrapped their presents, then things finally calm down. The next two Christmas days, we start with a big late breakfast and even my parents finally relax and stop thinking about work. I feel like I won’t be able to ever move again, between all the chocolate and my mom’s cooking, but who needs to during the holidays, when the snow looks prettiest from inside? We’re curled up under quilts, my pile of books is next to me, there’s lots of tea and more chocolate, and in the evening it’s crime time (we have our classics: Inspector Barnaby, Poirot etc). And we always have to watch everything at least twice since we talk incessantly, whoever said watching tv was passive?

As for the picture, it’s a sketch by Loriot, Germany’s best (and in my opinion only) comedian. Every Christmas, German television shows his sketch “Christmas with Hoppenstedt’s”, I watch it every year and love it still. I’m not sure if the wit and parody of German families and Christmas carries over to English, but I found a version with subtitles on YouTube, so give it a try. Also, the sketch is a bit older, so just bear that in mind when you see the clothes and the nuclear power plant. Merry Christmas!